meet A-Reece’s beautiful girlfriend, Rickelle Jones 69

A-Reece has managed to keep his private life in the dark for so long so much so that not most people know who his girlfriend really is, especially after his break up with his ex, Natasha Thahane.

A-Reece popularly known as the boy or the boy doing things is usually involved in his music so much that his fans are usually keen on the music he puts out they forget to look into his personal life.

Currently, A-Reece is dating a beautiful model called Rickelle Jones with whom he has a very serious relationship with and the feeling is mutual.

“Thank you for also being my best friend, I’m so proud of you,”

Rickelle Jones said on A-Reece always being there for her as a best friend as well.

Rickelle and Reece can’t seem to get enough of each other, they are practically inseparable for lack of a better deserving term.

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A-Reece dedicated an entire verse on the ‘Juliet Rose’ hit record off the ‘L3 (Long Lost Letters)’ project to his girlfriend, Rickelle Jones. The record features Ecco and Wordz.


Here’s A-Reece’s entire verse on the record;

Somewhere in the south with me and Mo
You’ve probably seen me with her
All she want from meis love so that’s all I give her
Clouds in that C200 hot box and like ? it
If we get caught by the cops we’ll sort it out what’s
Playin some Jermaine we listening to KOD
She sounded sexy everytime she speaking Portuguese
She FaceTime me every time she goes shopping
What she sees and wants, shes stocking
Who am I to tell her stop it
She take me out to eat and orders the entire sea
I let her do what makes her happy
Most of the time it’s me
Sometimes I question how the hell am I so fortunate
But I just take it how it comes and I want more of it
I say it how it is and I ain’t with the starving shit
Her insta got these niggas thinking that they still could
Silly niggas way too sloppy with the aim
And when she put y’all on blast it got me questioning
Your game, yeah

Clearly A-Reece is so into his girlfriend and Rickelle Jones is also so much in love with the ‘MeanWhile In Honeydew’ hitmaker who has since been independent artiste for the longest time now.

Check out the cute photos of A-Reece’s girlfriend that he’s so proud of and considers himself blessed to have her as a girlfriend.


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On the pictures: Rickelle Jones
credits: @rickellejones10 on Instagram

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