whoa! are we really ready for another Emtee, A-Reece collabo? 0

History is about to be made and we are here for it!

It’s not every day that you get to see two of the most powerful rappers of their era come up together to write something that will forever be timeless and resonate with lots of us for the rest of our years.

I’m not being cryptic at all, I’m being anxious writing this because once they drop, there’s a high chance that the record will be the record for the year.

Emtee intimated that he has intentions of working with the one and only The Boy Doing Things, A-Reece himself on his social media pages, on Twitter to be specific.


Emtee and A-Reece have established themselves as some of the best rappers South Africa has sprung out, these two played a major role in exporting our hip hop sound to the rest of the world.

Emtee. Source: @emteethehustla/Instagram

Once they worked together years ago on their collaboration record dubbed ‘Couldn’t’ that somewhat introduced A-Reece to the mainstream scene back then, we knew that A-Reece had something that won’t ever be replaced.

True to the premonition, A-Reece went on ahead to be bigger than life making a name for himself outside Mzansi even capturing the attention of the one and only Sway Calloway who flew all the way down here to see the Boy Doing Things.

A-Reece. Source: @theboydoingthings/Instagram

The same can be said about Emtee, he is a legend regardless of whatever you see and/or read about him out there, Emtee is BIG, don’t let anyone tell you something different.

Taking to Twitter, Emtee disclosed that A-Reece reached out to him the other day and promised he had a verse for him. This was a welcomed message that he was looking forward to and he’s glad that it came when it came.

“Reece hit me up said he got one for us. A phone I’ve been waiting on for a long time REGARDLESS,” the tweet read.


A-Reece corroborated whatever Emtee told his millions of fans worldwide by responding to his tweet.


These two independent powerhouses merging together for the first time after a very long time is some good news that isn’t only celebrated in South Africa but the entire Africa continent because we know what each one of them can do as solo acts and them coming together is nothing but fireworks.

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