Moozlie leaves social media drooling thanks to her photos 62

Moozlie isn’t only a pretty face with a banging, gorgeous body, she’s also a talented rapper who has been consistent ever since she made a choice to become a rap artiste.

The ‘Vatel’ hitmaker always gets people’s attention when she needs to especially through her music that always speaks volumes every other time she puts out a new song, even when she gets featured, she always has some impressive stuff to say on the record every other time she jumps on a song and that might be the reason why she’s considered to be one of the most versatile, talented, consistent, and prolific rappers to ever picked up a microphone and rap today, all genders considered.

Moozlie is as beautiful as she is talented with a body that matches that of a professional model earning six figures.

As much as she gets people talking about her through her music, she always has the power to capture the attention of her stans everywhere, not only in Mzansi with her banging body that would make any man fall in love with the beautiful African body our beautiful women have.


She has been sharing cute photos of herself in a beautiful bikini as taken by the talented Sfundo Majozi(@ok_majozi) truth be told, she’s captured our attention. She will capture your attention if you see any of the photos that she has shared online.

You got to give it to her, Moozlie has everything working for her; she has good enough confidence, her music career is way above par and she’s winning through it, her relationship with the love of her life is splendid, her friends are healthy and winning in their respective hustles(Moozlie is big on friendship), and most importantly, she’s winning herself and we’re here for it and her body is amazing, there, I said it again!

Check out the beautiful, magnificent photos that have left social media wet after Moozlie shared them online.

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