Bria Myles interviewed herself with three beautiful photos on her birthday 88

Bria Myles celebrated her birthday in style this time as she decided to interview herself with three magnificent photos that she took to commemorate turning a year old.

The beautiful, accomplished businesswoman who has so much love for Africa went to the coveted Aazhia to have her beautiful nude photos taken and made her look like the beautiful goddess she is.

This is the very first time she’s done something like this.

As much as she shared the photos on her birthday month in June this year, we are still happy to see her look beautiful and interview herself about some useful things that most of her fans worldwide didn’t know about her.


These are the questions and answers that she asked herself using the three photos to explain herself even better;

1. What is it about the way you do what you do, that you feel might separate you from others who try to do that?

I always do what feels right to me, it’s simple as that – from the jobs I choose to accept to the poses I decide to do .. what separates me also puts me in a league of ppl who are looked at as upper echelon / ELITE bc nothing’s forced or contrived .. I don’t accept everything that is presented to my table. I pick and choose what’s in alignment with my short term and long term goals

2. Best and worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Best advice :
use ur first mind – it’s so important to trust ur own gut instinct – it’s ur bodies internal gps and will always guide u to where ur supposed to be. Don’t follow ur first mind – ur going against the grain of ur life and u will deal with the consequences that come with

Worst advice :
(From an editor of a magazine) maybe u should date a rapper if u want to be on the cover .. it’s bad advice bc when u plant a seed like that in a young woman’s head you are leaving her to interpret that advice on their own in turn leaving her open to making decisions that are not so wise just to fulfill a so called dream .. it puts out the energy of do anything to get on.

It’s not the same when u date someone who has dreams of becoming a rapper and then makes it and ur the girlfriend who’s been there from before. Not the same. It’s also not the same as meeting a celeb and actually being urself and carrying on a relationship.

3. What influenced you growing up? What was the driving force (or important events) that made you who you are today?

Poverty was my driving force … I always saw how complacent ppl in my hood were … and I thought either I can grow up being like them or being like them (the ppl on the magazines, in the movies, and on red carpets) and from there my ideas shaped my future

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