Canadian rapper Dax sends massive shoutout to A-Reece 52

Fans are ecstatic after Dax gave our very own “Boy Doing Things” a massive shoutout that cannot be ignored.

As it turns out he likes what the boy doing things has been doing in his career over the years.

After an A-Reece fan page on Facebook made a suggestion about a possible collaboration between A-Reece and the Canadian rapper Dax, everybody who is a fan of A-Reece completely agreed about the possible collab with hundreds of them tagging the Canadian talented/gifted rapper.

Dax confessed to having done a little background check on A-Reece and loved what he saw. He even saw projects released by A-Reece that go back to 2018 and it impressed him.

“??? HES FIRE ???jus watched a bunch of stuff on youtube saw the cypher from 2018 too… STRAIGHT BARS YO.” Dax responded to the A-Reece fan page’s suggestion of them two working together.
For a rapper who compares and likens himself to a rap god to give massive props to A-Reece isn’t something to take lightly, it isn’t a feat that can be swept under the rug and move on, it is something that is to be celebrated.
Dax is one if not the only prolific underground/mainstream rapper who has been releasing two or more songs consistently in a month for years now, the good thing is that he is an independent artiste just like A-Reece.They have a lot in common, these two rappers, and yes, the fans can’t wait to see them work together in the foreseeable future.

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A-Reece is yet to make an official statement about getting to work with the Canadian-based rapper who traces his roots to Nigeria, he even recently had the flag of Nigeria tattooed on his neck.

It’s only a matter of time before Dax gets to work with A-Reece but when that comes to fruition, best be ready for the record to blow everything else released at that time out of the water because it’s going to be huge.

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