A-Reece releases official statement denouncing ‘Sotho Man With Some Power’ legitimacy 55

A-Reece real name Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge has come forward to denounce the recently released studio album that was released without his knowledge whatsoever.

The album has got the entire nation talking about A-Reece with some thinking that he intentionally choose to name the album ‘Sotho Man With Some Power’ as a kick to a fellow rapper in the industry, Nasty C who has an unreleased album with a somewhat similar name.

A-Reece has made it clear that he didn’t know anything about the same and that he would be seeking redress and find out who was behind the move that might have upset the entire SA hip hop scene as we know it.

First of all, the project dropped previous songs of A-Reece proving that he indeed wasn’t the person behind the leak.


A-Reece has since released an official statement citing copyright infringement after his songs got uploaded without permission through an entity called 2018 Rubber Band Gang.

“It is with great annoyance and disappointment that we have come to learn of an album released by an entity only known to us currently as “2018 Rubber Band Gang” under the name of rapper Lehlogonolo Mataboge, professionally named A-Reece.” the statement read.

The 'Sotho Man With Some Power' project released without A-Reece's knowledge by an entity that is not known to him

The ‘Sotho Man With Some Power’ project released without A-Reece’s knowledge by an entity that is not known to him

“Not only does this album infringe on A-Reece’s copyright by what we believe to be illegal duplication of previously released music but it has also been maliciously and intentionally titled to create a professional rift with colleagues in the industry.” it continued.

things A-Reece should address on ‘Paradise 2’ album

A-Reece has urged his fans not to entertain the album that he knew nothing about and highly advice his ardent fans to stop downloading the project since it lacks merit and legitimacy.

The rapper is disgusted by the aforementioned entity who wants to make him clash with Nasty C who has an album dubbed ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ that’s already on the pipeline.

A-Reece set to release Paradise 2

Plus, we all know that A-Reece is working on the ‘Paradise 2’ studio album, so he can’t have time to release another project other than that and/or from his record label.

“We have reached out to Apple Music and our distributors to ensure that the project is taken down as a matter of urgency.” the statement went on.

A-Reece's official statement about Sotho Man With Some Power released album

A-Reece’s official statement about Sotho Man With Some Power released album

On the album that was released without his knowledge, the project has 14 songs with most of the songs being already released projects in the past.



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