Sizwe Dhlomo gives advice to artistes who want to make a successful music career 100

Sizwe Dhlomo who is one of the most adored and respected media personalities has decided to share gems on Saturday morning.

Sizwe took to Twitter earlier this morning explaining how songs usually receive airplay and how they get to be sustained on both radio and TV.

Coming from Sizwe Dhlomo, all artistes in the music industry better pull up a chair and have a listen to the TV and radio maestro.

“Broadcasters are in the business of attracting an audience. If it’s radio, they need a commercially viable song.” Sizwe Dhlomo said. “It must be entertaining & catchy. That’s the beginning of making a hit.”


adding, “Let’s start with the business side first. Your sole purpose of making music should be to make money. If you’re doing it for art, then cool, that’s noble but this thread isn’t for you then because you don’t need airplay to begin with.”

A born entertainer, Sizwe Dhlomo is a very outspoken media personality who became the first MTV Base VJ back in 2005 after he gave up a career as a computer programmer and throughout the years, he has amassed a whole lot of experience in both radio and TV.


Sizwe appeared on SABC1’s LIVE, alongside Bonang Matheba until 2011, and followed this TV success with a transition to radio.

Now that you know that Dhlomo is more than qualified to give musicians any advice in his career, you should be picking up a pen and a writing pad to take notes on how you want to be successful in the music industry and make profits doing what you love as a musician.

“Okay, seriously now. I’m joking but I’m not joking. You do need to know someone who can plug you into the right pipeline. Otherwise, you’re just relying purely on luck & that’s a long shot. That’s the promise that labels make to all upcoming artists. Their network!” Sizwe Dhlomo said on his Twitter account.

Sizwe Dhlomo reiterated that there are three major things as an artiste should think about always; their music, profile and of course, their business.

“They all feed into each other, so if you are only interested in one of these & none of the others then don’t bother reading further.

This thread by Sizwe Dhlomo will most certainly be one of the most iconic threads on Twitter this year if not for a very long time, for many years to come also.

Sizwe Dhlomo’s advice of how musicians can make it in the music industry is so important that I highly advise any artiste, both established and upcoming to print them up and keep going through them each and every other day to know if they are following up the blueprint of music success that Sizwe just shared with them, for free.

“Your profile also makes the world of difference. That’s why it’s important to build yourself up. Don’t just go “Mina I just concentrate on the music”. A higher profile means more ratings & intrigue. That works to your advantage. Higher airplay also builds the profile & business.” he continued.

Sizwe also had a parting shot for most if not all the artistes in the music industry that might still make sense two thousand years from today, “Oh, one more thing. Also know that like any other business, hits don’t last forever. You will eventually fall off. Some people’s runs are longer than others but your income will begin to dwindle at some stage. So while you’re making money, use it wisely.”

Go through Sizwe Dhlomo’s powerful Twitter thread below about how to make it in the music industry below, thank him later on.

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