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Ever since A-Reece real name Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge made a public statement via his tweet earlier on this year about working on the sequel of his debut album ‘Paradise’ which he intends to call ‘Paradise 2’, everybody can’t stop talking about it.

It’s a given, A-Reece’s ‘Paradise 2’ studio album is one if not the one highly anticipated album of the year hands down.

A-Reece set to release Paradise 2

The rapper who has since gone independent after parting ways with his former record label and management has been able to make good of his promise of dominating the rap game without major backing from any major record label.


The young rapper from Pretoria even came up with his crew, The Wrecking Crew which he is a member of together with young talented rappers that South African hip hop scene as come to love and appreciate over the years.

As an independent artiste, we have seen A-Reece release powerful records like ‘Meanwhile in Honeydew’, ‘We Both Know Better’, ‘Holding Hands’, ‘Amber Rose’, ‘On My Own’, ‘Not My Friends’, ‘A Real Nxgga Tale’ which were and still hits to this days.

These are the records that A-Reece release independently and they became successful on their own, no clout, no hype, just real music and we all know that when you do something right, you don’t have to worry about it being a success.

Ever since his debut studio album ‘Paradise’ that he dropped back in 2016, A-Reece has since gone on to release other projects.

He released ‘From Me to You & Only You’ in 2017, released ‘L3(Long Lost Letters) in 2018 together with ‘And I’m Only 21’ released in the same year. His latest project is ‘Reece Effect’.

With that being said, these are some of the important things we need A-Reece to address on his upcoming, highly anticipated project ‘Paradise 2’ slotted to be released later on this year.

His Journey

It would be nice to have A-Reece talk about how far he has come to be one of the vocal, hip hop rappers in the game today commanding influence, and respect everywhere, I mean even Sway Calloway had to come to South Africa to meet him after calling him out on Twitter inviting him over on his show, Sway in the Morning.

A-Reece is one of the few rappers that had potentials from the get-go and one mainstream, established rapper who saw this and helped him up to stature was Khuli Chana which has made the two inseparable ever since Khuli Chana opened up for a 16-year-old A-Reece back in the day.

In essence, what I am talking about is another record like ‘Paradise’ which is off his debut album.

His Truth

A-Reece needs to come forward and speak his truth on the project and let people know what truly happened because there are a lot of speculations of what happened to him.

We need clarification/s directly from the horse’s mouth in situations between him and his former label and his fallout with artistes like Flame.

He should let us know once and for all so that we put this to bed once and for all even though he talked about some major issues on a sit-down with Pearl Thusi a couple of months ago.

His Growth

If there’s something that we can give A-Reece props to is his growth.

There’s no way you can talk about established rappers in Africa and South Africa without mentioning A-Reece or having him on that conversation.

Ever since his first project that he ever put out, ‘Forever King’ on August 2013 which was his debut mixtape, followed up with Browniez EP on October 31, 2014, A-Reece has seen growth in a major way to become one rapper that will forever be admired and respected in the rap game not only in South Africa but across the globe but more importantly, in Africa.

It would be nice if he would dedicate a song or two about his growth on the forthcoming studio album.

his gratitude

I know it’s somewhat a cliché that most entertainers, rappers notwithstanding can’t be anybody without the fans, they play a major part in the success story of every successful entertainer, rapper, actor.

In hindsight looking at how far A-Reece has come from, he might as well dedicate a song maybe even a verse, or even a bar on any of his songs that he will curate for this album.


his love life

I’m going to keep this short and sweet; he might at least make it official and let us know his girlfriend officially, he doesn’t have to though.

This request might be optional

International collaborations

It’s safe to say that A-Reece is an international artiste right now if not entirely, he’s on his way there and it will be really awesome if he would have rather interesting international features on the project.

This would really fan if we as fans get to know all about the international features once, we have already bought the project, the surprise the international feature/s on the project, the better but we just have to have an international feature on the project.

If not international, a regional feature won’t hurt, maybe a collaboration track with either Sarkodie, M.I Abaga or even Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones, now that would be a fire record.

addressing his haters and beef

This is very important; we all know that A-Reece already answered Kid Tini subtly on Riky Rick’s ‘Pick You Up’ record a couple of years back and also got around to address other beef with former close friends turned foes on a couple of records.

It will be great if he would address everyone; naysayers, haters, and his beef in a record inside the project and then we keep it pushing from that whole situation altogether.


being a part of rap’s upper echelon

A-Reece should tell us how it feels to be a part of the upper echelon in the rap scene in the country.

I mean A-Reece is such a musical force that anything he does, everybody will have to talk about it, just the way he bodied that performance at the 2020 Cotton Fest, people are still talking all about it till this day.

Being a rap artiste that is on top of the hip hop’s food chain in the country is not a small fete that even veteran rappers can’t say they have had that privilege.

So, A-Reece being as unique and as versatile a rap artiste as he is, there’s a way he might find a way to address this on the entire album.

Sway Calloway invites A-Reece to Sway in The Morning show


being independent

Ever since his first project, A-Reece was destined for greatness and when he set out to go independent, most people doubted him.

Fans would be happy to learn all about his intentions if he’s ready to cut a deal with a major record deal for a distribution deal or he will still continue being independent so that we know where our support should continue leaning.

At least he should address how it is and/or feels like being an independent rap artiste who keeps on dominating the rap scene with every project he puts out, who knows! Other upcoming rappers who are fans might get inspiration from it.

his next move

A-Reece should let us know what his next move after the highly anticipated project will be. Will it be global dominance or just African dominance since he might have reached his plateau of dominating the hip hop industry in the country alone, he might as well be big for the SA market today,

yoh! A-Reece is big!

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