Nellie Tembe’s family member exposes AKA of cheating on Nellie with Da L.E.S’s baby mama 53

MacG has Mzansi talking after he read a letter from an anonymous member of Nellie Tembe’s family that accused AKA of cheating on Nellie with Da LES’s baby mama Aurea.

in the past few weeks, AKA has been on the lips of almost every other person who knows about what’s going on in social media about the sudden death of Anele “Nellie” Tembe.

AKA even shared a statement on social media telling his side of the story about what happened between himself and the love of his life, Nellie Tembe, he has since asked for privacy not only for himself but for his entire family to mourn in peace from the public.

MacG who is now a voice to reckon with on the entertainment scene read a letter from an anonymous source who wanted to tell the truth of what really happened in the hope of the truth to be out there.


The letter that MacG read, claims that AKA was cheating with the baby mama of one of his close friends, Da LES and that might be the reason why the duo might have fall off.

According to the letter, AKA tried to pay off Da L.E.S baby mama with R20K to keep quiet on their illicit affair after she became guilty of what she was doing to her man who loved her deeply.

Apparently, Da L.E.S severed ties with AKA completely after Nellie reached out to him and shared some screenshots of AKA’s conversation with his baby mama. The two were alleged to be scheduled to shoot a music video together but that was kicked out to the curb after the relationship between AKA and Da L.E.S baby mama came to the light.


The letter went further to explain why AKA’s never attended the funeral of Da L.E.S’s dad despite them being close friends for years.

None of this or anything mentioned in the letter is corroborated and substantiated because MacG read the letter as he received it on his podcast show highlighting the bad things that happened before Nellie’s death in Cape Town.

The anonymous letter revealed that Nellie was struggling with constant cheating and abuse from AKA detailing that it all started in 2020 when she mentioned that she tried taking her own life after finding out the rapper was sleeping with other women.

The letter went further to blame AKA for introducing Tembe to drugs and alcohol detailing how they were taking some with close friends of AKA.

The content of the letter read as read by MacG himself as received;

“Hi my name is anonymous from Tembe family in KZN. I am writing this to you hope in prayer that you will tell the truth.

I feel very disappointed and hurt by the Nellie situation. I feel we cannot simply ignore nor tell the truth. Nellie was suffering in her relationship. She struggled with cheating and abuse from Kiernan.

It started last year she had mentioned to me that she tried to take her life after finding out he was sleeping with other women but what really shook Nellie was when she found out sexual messages on a phone of AKA and Da L.E.S’ baby mama.

She was devastated, the messages broke her heart, it was all there in plain sight. AKA was having an affair with Aurea, Da L.E.S’s baby mama who is very much involved and still in a relationship with Da L.E.S. They have a daughter together, Kiernan has been to multiple birthday parties for their baby

Kiernan had sent Aurea R20K to silence her after she was feeling guilty and wanted to tell Da L.E.S.

Kiernan sent her money but Nellie found the messages and communication about the situation and she immediately called Da L.E.S to tell him and she sent him all the screengrabs. Da L.E.S confronted Kiernan and the two stopped speaking.

Nellie says she felt betrayed he was hurt, broken completely cut out Kiernan. Everyone knows the story, it’s not a secret amongst the Jo’burg North circles.

He planned to shoot a music video with him but then he canceled after finding out Kiernan was sleeping with his girlfriend. Da L.E.S also lost his father but Kiernan never attended the funeral.

Today they are enemies but Kiernan didn’t stop there, he made Nellie feel guilty, he blamed her for the fallout with Da L.E.S and he kept shouting at her about it.

He had also introduced Nellie to a life of drugs and alcohol, they took a lot of coke together with Kiernan’s close friends.

Nellie had told us many times that she was suicidal and she couldn’t handle the abuse from Kiernan.

Nellie was not well mentally, he made her feel small and she was like his lap dog even though she came from a reputable family. I mean my uncle is a billionaire, Nellie didn’t need AKA, after all, her life was set.

From our point of view in the family, Kiernan was looking to secure himself. We had a lot of doubts about him from the beginning especially my brothers.

What he did to Zinhle was questionable, cheating on her with Bonang while she was pregnant.

Who can ever forget that publicity insulting his mother about the situation on Twitter. I really believe Zinhle and Bonang knows a lot we don’t, they’ve been through the most form of abuse.

She couldn’t do it anymore, I thought she was overreacting when she said she was suicidal but I’m hurt in knowing that AKA would probably get away with it but he knows what he did to her.

He was the only one with her, why did she kill herself after being engaged just a few days ago. It was all for show, after everything on social media is for show nothing is real, people post happy things but suffer daily.

What they did argue about and why was she naked and left to die. I have so many questions for him I’ll never forgive him.

His ex-manager committed suicide last week, nobody is asking why.

The cops need to get involved, they need to take him and her for a drug test, they need to get Nellie’s phone, the proof is all there she spoke to multiple people about her struggles.

#JusticeForNellie please investigate the truth, stop feeling sorry for a killer and abuser who took Nellie from us. Tell people the truth.”

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