Cassper Nyovest thwarts claims that Pretoria has the best rappers 100

Cassper Nyovest is more than convinced that Pretoria doesn’t have talented rappers like most fans would tend to agree as opposed to any other place in the country.

Cassper Nyovest is of the opinion that there is another place that is full of rap talent apart from Pretoria.

Just so it’s out there, A-Reece is from Pretoria.

The ‘Baby Girl’ hitmaker took to social media to thwart a claim made by a Mzansi hip hop head of Pretoria being the number one place that has produced better rappers than any other place in the country.


Cassper Nyovest who is originally from Mafikeng believes otherwise, he strongly believes that his city has the best rappers that have escalated the hip hop scene in Mzansi as we know it today.

Mentioning a few rappers who have represented the South African hip hop scene the way it’s supposed to be in recent history, Cassper Nyovest name-dropped a few names including the one, and only HHP, the GOAT himself who Mufasa has been looking up to him for years before he passed on.

“Maftown is the home of GOAT HHP, Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana, Tuks Senganga, Mo Molemi who all have Gold selling Hip Hop Albums. #Justsaying” Cassper Nyovest saying.


It’s important to note that Cassper isn’t just throwing names out there, he’s actually got some facts to back him up.


Thanks to a keen follower of South African hip hop and a fan, @TheRichRakgadi he mentioned some facts about how the names Cassper Nyovest mentioned made an impact in hip hop and the music industry in general.

“Khuli Chana – His Planet Of The Havenots Album Is Leading The Gomora Soundtrack.

Cassper Nyovest – Has A Big Check Cut By Nedbank To Have Tsibip On Their Ad

Tuks Senganga – His Song ‘Bona Fela’ Is Skeem Saam’s Theme Song ” @TheRichRakgadi gave us the much-needed short, and a precise history lesson.


Cassper Nyovest didn’t try to tarnish any city’s name so there’s no way anyone can misconstrue his statement on this subject.

He just got love for his city, mad love, not throwing any jabs; subliminal or otherwise to other cities that have some of the best rappers today that the industry appreciates and respects genuinely.

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