Costa Titch speaks on pressure and anxiety as a rapper 59

Costa Titch has opened up about how life is as a successful rapper in the music industry today.

The 2-time South Africa Hip Hop Awards winner talked about the anxiety and pressure that comes about after one becomes a successful and public figure in the music scene in excruciating details according to his side of things.

Costa Titch is way more focused on making his music knowing quite well that not everybody will love it, he has an open mind in understanding that his music isn’t for everybody.

The question the Nkalakatha hitmaker was asked was; “How do you deal with all the pressure and sometimes the prejudice of being a celeb?”



Costa Titch went on to answer the fan by being as direct as possible telling his truth and what he believes is the best way to deal with pressure in the industry.

“No one can prepare you, I just have to remind myself that God put us here for a reason, This wasn’t luck, this was pure hard work over years and years with no results.

1 day everyone likes you, you say 1 wrong things and the next day they all hate you. Rather just keep quiet and let the music talk.

I’ve had crazy amounts of anxiety hit me because of the pressure. And also just had to remind myself that not everyone will like my music.

More than anything I’m just going to be me and focus on those that appreciate me. We didn’t work this hard to get here and let the pressure kill it all. We coming hard.” Costa Titch answered the question.

Costa Titch’s achievement in 10 years’ time

Costa Titch has plans for the future about his music career just like any other serious commercial rapper would.

He explained that he’s always been that kind of person who always want to make people happy and if he can do that with his music and art, he would sure be grateful.

He also wants to motivate and inspire the kids not only in Mzansi but across the globe and he is more than convinced that everything he’s set out to do will inevitably come to fruition.

Answering to “What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years?” question, Costa Titch broke down each and every other thing that he intends to do.

“Ima keep it short and sweet.” he said.

“I want my art and creativity to make people happy! I want to motivate and inspire millions of kids all over the world. I know that when we achieve this, a lot of the things I have envisioned will come true” he added.

New releases

Costa Titch got more than enough songs in his unreleased music vault and he cannot wait to share the same with his fans that keeps on growing each and every other day.

“So many releases coming. They just taking time to get finished and we had a few things that delayed us. At this point it’s all Gods timing.

I’m just grateful for how patient the Titch Gang is being” he said.

Expressing his love for his loyal fan base that he christened the Titch Gang, Costa Titch showed love to his fans for always sticking by him 2 years after he released the hit record ‘Nkalatha’.

The aforementioned song propelled him into the mainstream music scene.

He got nothing but massive love and appreciation from his fanbase.

“I love you guys too! Thank you for being the best fan/support base I could ever dream of.

They said we wouldn’t last, they said Nkalakatha was gonna be a 1 hit wonder! And here we are 2 years later still going strong! Performing in corners of the country I never thought we would ever see.

And that’s all because of YOU! You guys made this happen! You guys chose to create a family! Everytime I meet members of the Titch Gang all over the country I can’t believe how special each and every individual is! The energy is so positive so alive! I’m eternally grateful for you guys!” he shared on social media answering to a fan showing him love.

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