Costa Titch drops visuals of ‘Nkalakatha Remix’ bringing out Riky Rick, AKA 83

Costa Titch is the name that everybody wants to talk about right now, especially in the SA hip hop scene.

The young, talented, gifted rapper who has one of the hardest records out yet has finally released the music video for his hit record ‘Nkalakatha Remix’ that he has been teasing on social media for the longest time.

On the remix, Costa Titch features his mentor, Riky Rick, and AKA.

If you listen to what Riky Rick has to say on the record, you will understand that he’s the biggest, established and accomplished rapper South Africa has seen yet.


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Riky Rick’s entire verse is quotable, check it out below.

Okay let’s do it like this
When they say they making money
They really talking that cap
Niggas say they’re balling
They’re wrestling with the facts
Talkin’ ’bout bitches, they talkin’ bitches we had
We don’t buy ’em no bags
Is that your man selling there
They don’t want me to ball
These rappers mad, they praying Riky will fall
Never shop at the mall
They wondering where the swag from, it’s in my blood
I got this shit from my dad, son
Give it to my grandson, that’s facts
Made so many friends in high places
Riky Riky don’t even need to rap
So don’t tell me about social media stats
I’m God level, tyrants don’t socialize with the rats nigga
Niggas say they tired when I’m performing
But I pull up to a show they promoting and outperform ’em
How many Raris should I buy
Till they realize that everything these niggas rap about
Really my real life
Sixteen bars make you a millionaire
I could say a couple names but I’ll leave it there
Now we making millions cutting niggas’ hair
Now we making millions cutting niggas’ hair

Costa Titch is the next big thing in South African hip hop and everybody can’t wait to see him blow up even bigger than he has right now.

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Watch the official music video for ‘Nkalakatha Remix’ below, stream the record underneath.


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