Sho Madjozi called out Burna Boy for pulling down ‘Own It Remix’ 83

Sho Madjozi has come forward to call out Nigerian Afropop, international artiste Burna Boy for foul play after Stormzy’s song ‘Own It Remix’ was pulled down after she got nominated at the upcoming BET Awards.

Burna Boy was also nominated in the same category which Sho Madjozi is nominated at.

For those asking where the ‘Own it remix’ is after I got nominated alongside him for BET Best International Act, Burna boy asked Stormzy’s team to take down the song immediately” Sho Madjozi’s tweet read.

Sho Madjozi went on in a rather tell-all Twitter thread revealing that the ‘Own It Remix’ which is originally by Stormzy was already out for an entire month before Burna Boy reached out to Stormzy’s team and asked for it to be taken down.


“Song was out for a whole month before that, no problem. Everyone nominated has done big tings and should be confident that their work will speak for itself. Personally I’m happy with the work I have done in the past year. John Cena was an international phenomenon, I did that.”

“Well, i guess it’s a good sign if manna shook. Last year BB and I were cool at the BETs. I guess everyone thought this little girl isn’t a threat, now same category!?!? It’s shaking ”

“In the words of the great Toni Morrison, “If you can only be tall because someone else is on their knees, then you have a serious problem.””

“This world is full of bullies. If I leave any message at all from the life I’ve lived, I hope it’s to not be discouraged and to not be intimidated. To stay loving, kind, and honest in the face of cruelty.”

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“I’m also the only woman in the category for best international act. Next year let’s have more”

“Goodluck to everyone nominated. It’s up to the judges now ?? (I hope they heard my own it verse before it was taken down”


“I could be wrong. Maybe he has other reasons. But BET announcement was on June 15th and by June 17th I was getting complaints from fans saying they can’t find it.” Sho Madjozi added sharing a screenshot of her receipt.


Reading what Sho Madjozi had to say about their collaborative song that originally featured Ed Sheeran, himself, and Stormzy, Burna Boy replied to Sho Madjozi telling her that the song in question was not cleared by his label Atlantic.

“Own It is NOT my song. If my voice is on it however it should have been properly cleared.” Burna Boy’s response read in part. “If the remix wasn’t cleared with the label(Atlantic US)it automatically gets flagged. Nothing to do with me personally or any award. Always best to reach out professionally. Congrats on BET’s!”

Sho Madjozi didn’t buy Burna Boy’s explanation whatsoever and even gave her legit reasons why she believes Burna Boy had a hand in having the remix of the song getting pulled down.

“To believe this I would have to believe that:” Sho Madjozi responded to Burna Boy,

1. The song got automatically flagged a month late by coincidence
2. When they said YOU wanted it down they meant your label
3. A big international label would release a song without clearing it
It’s a lot Burna. Let’s keep it Hundred points symbol

The back and forth between the two internationally and regionally acclaimed artiste on Twitter was three days ago. Neither of them has talked about it anymore till this day.

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