Burna Boy explains why he ranted at Coachella in the first place 50

Burna Boy made the global news after his comments about his name written in small caps on the just released Coachella bill and he wasn’t amused one bit about it and that’s why he had to speak up his mind.

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Burna Boy also took to social media to explain where he is coming from and why he said what he said about Coachella.

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Burna Boy iterated that he is coming from a place of love not pride or entitlement and he says that he is representing an entire generation of solid African creatives and not the soft, low self esteem Africans with slave mentality.

” I represent a whole generation of SOLID AFRICAN creatives going Global. Not the soft, Low self esteem Africans with the slave mentality.” he said via his social media account.

@burnaboy via Instagram.

He also went on ahead to say that he will explain further what his intension was by granting an interview so that he does not become misunderstood.

He added: ” I will grant an interview soon to make myself understood. Nothing I say comes from any place of “pride” or any sense of “entitlement”, it comes from my Vision of the future of AFRICA not just AFRICAN music.”

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