Priddy Ugly owns the rap game with a classic freestyle 77

Priddy Ugly by now ought to be respected as a serious lyricist as much as he is respected as a hitmaker, a versatile rapper who can jump on any beat and as a fashionista in the rap game. Boy! Priddy Ugly can really spit.

Priddy Ugly shared a video of himself spitting one of the sickest bars you will ever get to listen to as he was giving props and paying homage to the late hip hop and rap legends; Pro Kid, HHP and Ben Sharpa standing in front of a mural painting of the three legends.

Priddy Ugly came with some bars on the freestyle he shared on social media, even though the video is not complete, the little 1-minute long video gave us more than enough to sum him up as a serious rapper in the game who is on his way to become a member of the upper echelons in rap today.

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Priddy Ugly goes hard and goes in on the freestyle without no beats at all, I reckon he wanted us to listen what he was saying because it is something that we surely needed to hear, he tells it all and I have taken some time to listen word for word what he was talking about and I must admit, I was impressed.

Here are the quotable lyrics of the video he shared on social media a few hours back.

is funny and ironic
how you comics are iconic
you had it
and now got it
you lost it
due to the gossip
your process like a synopsis
your pockets liking profits
no progress
no way to stop it
no prospects
no carbon objects
if you if you mess with me
I leave you toothless
that’s a promise
I do this
am the hardest

the roof is in the booth
the Gucci shoes is in the bonnet
men am fluid with the knowledge
haters stupid with the comment
my crew is in the loop
the Louis suit is in the office
we recruiting up the bosses
while you looping up your losses
my goons are on the loose
and they be shotting up your projects
we shooting up like rockets
have you oozing out your sockets
have you pooping in your coffin
too much loot up in these pockets
am the best put the rest aside
my bars are extra size
leaving whack rappers petrified
expect to hide
if you buggin
we spit insecticide
bitches in my crib taking shots
like there’s vets inside

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