Sho Madjozi finally gets to meet John Cena at Kelly Clarkson’s show 56

Sho Madjozi finally got to accomplished one of her dreams before the year ends, she finally got to meet up with John Cena who she was not ready to meet him just yet.

Sho Madjozi released one of the well received songs on her career dubbed ‘John Cena’ which was well received not only in South Africa but also allegedly trended on YouTube when it officially dropped in Tanzania and Kenya since the Swahili language is the language of communication there and the ‘John Cena’ song is predominantly in Swahili.

The song got massive reception to the extent that the official WWE’s twitter handle labelled the song as the song of the summer and also John Cena loved it to an extent of posting Sho Madjozi’s picture on his social media handle, which is such a big deal, especially since John Cena has over 12 million followers on Instagram alone.

Sho Madjozi who was a guest at Kelly Clarkson’s show got the surprise of her life when John Cena appeared behind her dancing to her hit song ‘John Cena’, she wasn’t expecting John Cena at all because Kelly told her that John Cena was not in the building.


She went berserk when she saw John Cena dancing behind her, she was ecstatic that she finally got to meet her idol in person and it happened so poetically, when she was performing the ‘John Cena’ song.

Clearly, Sho Madjozi will never forget the first time she met John Cena.

Watch how Sho Madjozi reacted when she met up with John Cena for the first time on Kelly Clarkson’s show below


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