AKA’s dad reacts after the ‘#MUTEAKA’ hash tag 54

AKA’s father has broken his silence after a GBV organization called upon all the radio and TV stations and streaming portal services to mute AKA’s songs until further notice.

The GBV organization called Women For Change made the public statement after some screenshots of AKA breaking down a door to get to Anele “Nelli” Tembe found its way on social media.

AKA’s father, Mr. Tony Forbes called out the GBV organization for asking the country to mute all of AKA’s songs without looking and/or hearing from the other side of the story.

“I did see it. I do also know more than what appears in that video. I am saying exactly what you are accusing me of. Don’t be shallow, look deeper before you judge.” AKA’s dad said.


Tony Forbes wants the GBV group to found do their due diligence before taking away the means of survival from AKA who depends on his music to put bread and butter on his table.

Forbes senior called out the GBV organization and challenged them to look deeper before judging his son for what they don’t know entirely.

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He reiterated that they should at least hear the facts from both sides before picking up a side and running with it.

Forbes Senior said that the GBV organization might as well be a vigilante group if they don’t wait to hear the other side of the story and choosing to run with the one that suits their narrative.

“You want to mute him so that you don’t have to listen to the other side of the story?

You want to take away a man’s bread and butter on the basis of an unnamed source who sent images showing him breaking down a door, nothing more?

Have you actually engaged the verifiable facts? Does your justice for women include the principles of transparency, the truth, process and fairness? If so, fight first to hear all the facts on both sides.

Demand that before you condemn him. No one is hiding here or running away. Demand it from the tabloids.

If you do not subscribe to the principles mentioned, what differentiates you from a vigilante group? And is this really the change for women in South Africa you are after?” Tony Forbes added on his earlier statement on the Women for Change organization’s Instagram that posted the #MuteAKA hashtag photo.

Mr. Tony Forbes with his two sons. Source: @tonydforbes/Instagram

Mr. Tony Forbes with his two sons. Source: @tonydforbes/Instagram

The Women for Change organization seeing the message that Tony Forbes shared on their platform, went on to make it clear categorically that they are not in any way coming from a point of malice at all.

They reiterated that they are coming from a place of accountability and that’s why they ran with the #MuteAKA campaign on their social media platforms.

The organization further explained that there’s no one who is out to ruin AKA’s reputation or career.

“@tonydforbes this is very painful for all of us. We aren’t calling him guilty, we want to know the truth!

We care mostly about the many women who have been abused and murdered in this country.

We believe the women and men who speak up and we finally need to hold people accountable ? If the police and justice system would work in this country we would know the facts already.

No one wants to ruin AKAs career, that’s not the point. No one cares really! We want accountability.” Women for Change answered Tony Forbes on Instagram.

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