AKA breaks silence on innuendos made about him over Nelli Tembe’s death 75

AKA has decided to address all the innuendos that have been flying around on social media and most in hush-hush tones.

The celebrated rapper took to social media to make it clear once and for all that he’s of a clear conscience and misses the love of his life Anele “Nelli” Tembe each second that passes by.

During the funeral of Anele, her dad’s funeral speech disputed any suggestions whatsoever about her daughter being suicidal, something that AKA feels was a subliminal jab aimed at him filled with innuendos.

“As Anele’s Father, I categorically state that Anele was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide. We must as a matter of priority deal with the scourge that bedevils our youth. Alcohol which is overused and drugs. Fellow South Africans we better wake up and smell the coffee, we have a serious problem with substance abuse,”Mr Tembe said during Anele’s funeral.


Addressing the people that he believes are keen on assassinating his character, AKA –real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes– shared a detailed statement making everything clear as day.

AKA together with his late fiancee Anele "Nelli" Tembe whom he's confessed numerous times he was deeply in love with, he's still in love with her today. Source: @akaworldwide/instagram

AKA together with his late fiancee Anele “Nelli” Tembe whom he’s confessed numerous times he was deeply in love with, he’s still in love with her today. Source: @akaworldwide/instagram

AKA went ahead to disclose that he will be checking himself to Psychological and spiritual counseling encouraging everybody else affected by the passing of Anele Tembe to do the same categorically stating that he will not speak on exposing their troubles as a couple that they went through and experienced together.

AKA wrote this on his official statement on May 8th, 2021:

“It is sad when I find myself having to speak to the nature of my relationship with Anele. What makes it even sadder is the knowledge that some of the people, she and I loved & entrusted with our deepest troubles, are now using those as weapons to set a negative narrative on my character.

I am a passionate and emotional person, what I will not do and stand for is watching people attempt to disparage my name and importantly, Anele’s character to suit a narrative we both never signed up for.

We enjoyed a beautiful, yet challenging relationship that at times was tumultuous, like all relationships, made worse by the pressures of being in the public eye, which we do played up to.

As numb as I was at Anele’s funeral, I took in every word imparted, the direct ones and all those filled with innuendos. I will not be a part of speaking on or exposing our troubles as a couple, to defend myself from one-sided views that portrayed our of their full context. Every story has two sides and so does every video, image and message…

I am fully aware of who the ‘sources’ engaging media are and what their intentions is, which is to influence the SAPS inquest -which the investigating officer has stated numerous times to my legal team and to them, that I Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, have not been named to be a suspect, but have nothing but a cooperating witness.

What I will say as my truth; I was and still am madly in love with a girl, carrying whatever past traumas she faced before I met her.

I own up to my past and current traumas, and thus I have submitted myself to psychological and spiritual counseling for my own benefit and growth.

I hope everyone affected by Anele’s traumatic passing does the same for themselves, individually and collectively, so that we may all afford her spirit the rest she deserves and come to terms with the choice she made that fateful morning of 11 April.”


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