YoungstaCPT dropped amazing visuals for his ‘Kleurling’ record 85

YoungstaCPT is by far the face of Cape Town easily thanks to his prolificness in the hip hop game and owning up the industry while proving that Cape Town indeed has something to say.

YoungstaCPT dropped the music video for his hit record ‘Kleurling’ that highlights the struggles of the coloured and the history of the people.

The award-winning, talented rapper and a gifted lyricist has the entire world singing along to almost all the songs inside the ‘3T’ album.

In case you missed out on streaming the ‘3T’ album when it dropped officially two years ago, it’s never too late to jump on it and join the woke hip hop heads who learned a whole lot from YoungstaCPT than we ever did from our history books.


YoungstaCPT explained the meaning behind the official music video for the ‘Kleurling’ soon after releasing the visuals for the same.

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He disclosed that he wrote the song back in 2018 because he felt there was a crucial void on how the coloured narrative was being told and decoded by some people who don’t know anything about the narrative.

YoungstaCPT further explained that the coloured people have an individual history as indigenous people of South Africa and were dishonorably stripped off their tribal titles and later on given the title coloured.

When you listen to any of YoungstaCPT's 'Kleurling' record, you get to learn a whole lot more than you would have in a history class. Source: @youngstacpt/Instagram

When you listen to any of YoungstaCPT’s ‘Kleurling’ record, you get to learn a whole lot more than you would have in a history class. Source: @youngstacpt/Instagram

YoungstaCPT is a woke rap artiste, not your typical feel-good rapper. He’s likened to be like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and KRS One in one.

He’s way too wise for his age with some people strongly believing that he’s among the few chosen ones by the Higher being to speak for the black, and coloured people everywhere.

You can never go wrong listening to any project of YoungstaCPT, never!

Here’s just a quotable verse taken from his latest offering dubbed ‘Kleurling’ from his ‘3T’ studio album, YoungstaCPT tells the truth as it is, no filters, no sugarcoating, just pure unadultarated truth on a record:

Deep in my skin / I feel it within / I hope you can swim / the water is deep where do I begin? / I’m rapping a hymn / to protect me from the Jin / because I don’t want him to win / I am the wind / beneath the wings / now kneel at the ring coz I am a king / look where I been / I’m dropping a pin / send the lokasie/ I’m in Beijing / pulling the strings / we fight for a cause / never tighten our jaws / we settling scores / kicking in doors / opening stores / we going on tours / now look how they stare when I’m in the chair / I think they scared / they better prepare / they know we unique / they know that we rare / saying ‘awe’ my fist in air / I walk and I march / on the ouens behalf / while you running a bath / it’s funny you laugh / with no street smarts / I’m having a blast / I’m breaking the cycle / I’m aiming the rifle / do you pray to the Bible / or Quranic recitals / Native and tribal / you think you a idol / you wanna go viral / you wanna be in the finals but you don’t wanna be titled as a ‘coloured’

Make your decision based on my appearance / but I take it head on in danger I’m fearless / Time is of essence I feel this is urgent / I am on earth for a purpose / I’m a divergent / I’m a nightmare / the prophecies coming I hope you prepared / I’ve traveled around but nothing compares / the way that we do it is always with flare / spilling my guts / bitten the dust / the chosen ones suffer I know that’s its us / skurrel the pad / dawn until dusk / it’s making us strong like a elephants tusk / it’s making me jas / but I adjust and I adapt / I’m doing it klas / stoute keboute / eks voor inie klas you try on my skoene but it didn’t pas/ back of bus because of my race / all of the trials I rather embrace / a matter of politics this is debate / I hope I do not become a disgrace / coz I am a messenger / I am a spokesman / delivering like I’m a postman / living my life like it’s golden / bolder than Hulk Hogan’s / we are the missing components / poetically I will expose it / you know that you cannot control it / a coloured authentic Cape Townian / in the gutter like a dirtbin/ step in gatte like the doorings/ from now on I’m gonna tell the laaities do your mondelling on a kleuring, that’s us

Watch the official music video for ‘Kleurling’ as performed and performed by YoungstaCPT

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