Reason wants to work with A-Reece, Emtee and Nasty C in the future 96

Reason is currently the talk of town especially after releasing his much anticipated project , Azania which is by far worth a listen as it revolutionized  the hip hop game as we know it, you have to stream the whole album.

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Reason is one of the realest rappers in the game today and he is known for hitting the nail on the head when it comes to expressing himself and keeping it real with you when you answer him your questions.


That being said, Reason conducted an Instagram Live questionnaire to have his fans ask him whatever they would like and he would get to answer them in all honesty and one of the many interesting questions was, who he would like to work with in the future and he said that he would like to work with Nasty C, A-Reece and Emtee who are the youngest hot rappers in the game today.

Other interesting questions were:

Question by anonymous fan: Physical CDs for Azania coming soon?
Answered by Reason: I wonder if we need to??? It’s like asking if we dropping tapes or vinyls, do we need them?
Question by anonymous fan: Why didn’t you feature Stogie?
Answered by Reason: No hectic reason, we were both busy working on our work. next time?
Question by anonymous fan: Who’s that one artist(local) you really wanna work with on a joint?
Answered by Reason: @Nasty_CSA @Areecesa, @Emteethehustla
Question by anonymous fan: How long did it take you to record Azania (album)
Answered by Reason: 2 years
Question by anonymous fan: When are you and Loot getting married?? I love you guys!!!
Answered by Reason: We’re not ready
Question by anonymous fan: Any collabo with AKA heading your way bro?
Answered by Reason: We tried to get him on #Azania to busy right now
Question by anonymous fan: I remember you said that #Azania could be your last album, Is is your last?? I hope it isn’t
Answered by Reason: It’s my last one until I get a plaqu for it!
Question by anonymous fan: What inspired Nkos’ Yam?
Answered by Reason: Going through hard times and being grateful for what you have in the process

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