“prior to that, there was no bad energy, like not even one bit, there’s was no bad energy…” Shane Eagle opens up about the falling out with Dj Speedsta 89

Dj Speedsta took to social media earlier on this year to vent it out to rappers, Shane Eagle and Frank Casino on a series of tweets which he later on deleted.

Shane Eagle speaking on an interview he talked about how Dj Speedsta was tripping and doesn’t understand why he took to social media to vent and he could’ve just called him and talk all about it, ”

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“I was so surprised, I was so shocked when I saw what happened online, I had no idea because prior to that, there was no bad energy, like not even one bit, there was no bad energy and … but the thing about me, you can never use my energy against me, you know what am saying, because what I stand for and the kids who follow me, is a real bond, so if you are going to say something online that’s not true you can’t use that against me, it’s gonna come back in one way or the other if it doesn’t make sense, so I just let that happen and that happen” he said addressing the Dj Speedsta’s rant on Twitter. ” I don’t understand what this new thing is why don’t you just call me or why don’t you just say something …, it’s crazy what people will do for a few retweets” he added.


Shane Eagle went further to confirm that indeed Dj Speedsta and himself are cool, so much so he brought him out his countrywide Yellow Tour, “So, Speedsta and I are good, I actually brought him on the Yellow Tour” he said addressing the Dj Speedsta issue.


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