All DJ Speedsta wishes for in 2020 is eternal mental freedom 71

DJ Speedsta has had a wonderful 2019, to say the least, his life has been amazing in 2019 and he intends to usher in the new year with a new focus in mind.

The ‘Mayo’ hitmaker confessed that he allowed none issue matters dictate his way to get to him because he usually is his own worst enemy at times. He iterated that he wants to have the simple things in life.

The DJ, radio host and TV presenter just want to have eternal mental freedom and be less anxious as he starts his journey of 2020 while on vacation in Brazil.

“I’m tryna do the simple things this year, I genuinely wish & hope for eternal mental freedom.” he said in part, adding; “I wish to be less anxious, I wish to not overthink, I wish to really just not give a f**k. I’m my worst enemy at times, I let too many things that don’t matter get to me – Dear Lord, please bless me with eternal mental freedom”.

DJ Speedsta enjoying his vacation in Brazil. Source: @speedstabro

DJ Speedsta enjoying his vacation in Brazil. Source: @speedstabro

DJ Speedsta who has since became an ardent skater believes he is on the right path of achieving his one goal and/or resolution because he is at peace with himself as he sets to have a mental freedom and anxiety and his music usually helps him achieve and overcome anything in life and we all know Speedsta is known for releasing nothing but hit records, his catalog speaks for itself.


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