Dj Speedsta vents on Twitter over Frank Casino and Shane Eagle denying him verses 77

Dj Speedsta took his sweet,busy schedule to open up about how rappers Shane Eagle and Frank Casino both gave him a cold shoulder when he wanted to work with them.

“No Shane, No Frank on my Project. Why?!Because they too cool for me now. That is the honest truth. I’m always the nice guy and people take that for granted” One of his tweets read.

Actually if memory serves me right Dj Speedsta, Frank Casino and Shane Eagle have actually worked together on a record before dubbed ‘Mayo’ that also featured Tellaman and Yung Swiss a year ago which has some good numbers on YouTube and he felt some type of way when they didn’t want to give him a verse when he wanted them to jump on his beat.

Dj Speedsta went on to talk about his project finally getting finished with rappers honestly doing caring about him when he has always hold them down no matter what.


Dj Speedsta was clearly pissed off with Frank Casino and Shane Eagle for not gracing him with verses on his project as it is clearly shown on his venting tweets, speaking of tweets, have a look at the thread below

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