L-Tido shares an extreme throw back photo with Maggz and Sean Pages 87

L-Tido is one of the dopest rappers from Mzansi and he is definitely in my top ten best rappers of all time from Africa, I mean have you watched and listened to ‘Dlala Ka Yona’, ‘Thixo’ and his recent release ‘Moto’ that everyone can’t get enough of.

Don’t get me started on Maggz. Maggz is simply iconic and the way he makes rap look easy is beyond me, he got swag to, a whole lot of it and his latest record with Reason is something to go by, you will appreciate how South Africa is lucky to have Maggz as one of the rappers in the game today.

Well, Maggz and L-Tido were not always on top of their game, they had to start from somewhere and thanks to a mutual friend of Maggz and L-Tido, a photo of the two talented rappers came about in the internet and L-Tido couldn’t help but repost it.


They have really come up to be a musical force to be reckoned with not only in the South but the whole African region and beyond.

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