Album Review: L-Tido’s debut album 16 67

South African rap scene and regional hip hop fan base was definitely waiting for this project by L-Tido for a very long since this is his debut album ever and he named it 16.

The album which has features from artistes like AKA, Cassper Nyovest, T.Phoenix, Maggz, Sean Pages, Nadia Nakai, Gemini Major, Fifresh, and Darne with 13 tracks released under the conglomerate Universal Music.

L-Tido went hard on this album and touched absolutely everything about the day-to-day activities from giving us his 10 commandments that has been a pillar and a blueprint for him to be as successful as he is in the music business today in the ’10 Mac’ record which by far is my favorite record in the album since he keeps it real and talks about what people are afraid to talk about.

He also talk to his doubters and haters on the ‘Regular Drip’ and ‘I’m Back’ which features the vocalist T. Phoenix and gives us the vintage L-Tido in the ‘No Favors’ record with AKA, ‘Zilele’ with Cassper Nyovest, ‘Dirty Wine’ with Nadia Nakai, Fifresh, Darne and Gemini Major.


If you want to know all about the private life of L-Tido and how he came to be the man he is today, he talks all about it in the ‘Glitz Gang Forever’ record. He goes personal on this record so much so that am sure when you listen to this record, I doubt if you will ever have any other question in regard to his coming up in the music industry and his struggles of making it big in the music business. He addresses it all on the record

This is one of the best albums you will ever listen to in 2018 and it will forever be a hip-hop classic album from next year as it has that timeless elements with some powerful hip-hop instrumentals and bars like the ‘Letter To the Game’ record which poetically is a letter to the hip-hop culture that this album embodies in so many different ways, this is a pure hip-hop album, no trap album whatsoever, if you need a hip-hop album to listen to this summer, 16 is the album that you should be listening to and there’s no doubt about that.

L-Tido slows it down, way down for the ladies on the ‘Higher’ record that praises that special someone of yours, this is that one record that you ought to dedicate to your bae and watch her closely to see her reactions because am sure it will make her feels some type of way after listening to the lyrics closely.

You got to listen to ‘Men Are Trash’ which is the last record on the album, I hope it will surprise you as it did me as it took a whole 360 turn and ended up with L-Tido’s holding a beretta firearm at the end of the record. This album sure sounds like a movie, it feels as if you are listening to a movie, I know how this sounds but still, it just feels like a movie. You ought to listen to this album.

Here is the track list of the 16 album by L-Tido

  1. No Game
  2. 10 Mac
  3. I’m Back feat T. Phoenix
  4. Regular Drip
  5. No Favors feat AKA
  6. Maybe feat Maggz, Sean Pages
  7. Letter To The Game
  8. Higher
  9. Dirty Wine feat Nadia Nakai, Gemini Major, Fifresh, Darne
  10. Zilele feat Cassper Nyovest
  11. Real Ones Left
  12. Glitz Gang Forever
  13. Men Are Trash


L-Tido has touched about absolutely everything in this album from taking his musical hiatus to keeping it real with the Gs and OGs in the ’10 Mac’ which keeps it real with men, addresses the ‘blessers’ issue in the same record, talks about appreciating that special woman who needs to be treasured.

He also talks about addressed the hip-hop community and culture in a special record dubbed ‘Letter To The Game’ and talks about his drip being in comparison to none. This 16 album by far is one of the best rap and hip-hop albums that you need to listen to before the year ends and it’s that sort of album that makes protégés in the game as well, am sure this album will inspire someone out there to join the game because of the creativity behind this album.

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