L-Tido reacts to Young Dolph’s death 56

L-Tido is among the first rappers in South Africa to react to the death of Memphis’ rapper Young Dolph.

The 16V took to social media to categorically state that the reason most rappers, American rappers get killed is that they usually tend to stay behind and represent their cities which always turned out to be their own demise.

L-Tido says that it’s usually your own people who usually want to harm you and see you fall as opposed to people who don’t know you.

L-Tido is convinced that 95% rappers in America usually falls into this vicious circle that has now claimed the death of Young Dolph who was gunned down when he was going to buy cookies from his favorite cookies spot, and previously the death of Nipsey Hussle who was gunned down in front of his store by people that he knew.


“95 percent of rappers in America get killed in they own hood /city. It be your own people that wanna see your demise. Jealousy and envy is the real pandemic,” L-Tido who recently released his studio project shared on social media.


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