Cassper Nyovest opens up about the details surrounding his deal with Universal Music Group 62

Cassper Nyovest took to social media to announced his lucrative deal with international music company, Universal Music Group which will see all the Family Tree artistes reach a height that they would never have imagined.

“So Family Tree has gone into a partnership deal with Universal, so my label is gonna be working with Universal to release content basically so it’s not Cassper Nyovest the artiste signing to Universal , it’s my label signing to Universal and am still signed under my own label, Family Tree, that’s the type of partnership it is and just to give a summary of it all, it’s not your normal artiste deal and my music is gonna be distributed around the world instead of just South Africa, that’s why I went into this partnership” he said in part about the deal that will see his music go global.

Speaking to Zkhipani, Cassper Nyovest opened up and talked about the deal iterating that he didn’t sign away his royalties to the music conglomerate and said that he signed as not as an individual but as a company, his company, Family Tree and he believes with this partnership, they would be able to achieve greatness as artistes in the brand.

“I still own 100% of my music, this is not me selling my company or selling my soul or anything, the contract is good, I still own a 100% of my music and my publishing, and you know am still like an indie artiste but I have a bigger machine that’s gonna be distributing my music and putting me in the right spaces basically” he confirmed the worries that most fans had about him selling his company by saying that he has not sold his music royalties, his company or publishing.


“You know I wanna be able to have a platinum record in Kenya, have a platinum record in Nigeria and for me to do that I need people who are actually living there, like who have offices there to come and push the music, market it, distribute it.” Cassper Nyovest said about how he wants to surpass the plateau that he has already reached even if he sells triple platinum he feels like he won’t be having any progress whatsoever.

“We’ve done what we can as an independent label and we kind of reached a plateau like even if I sell triple platinum again as an indie label like it’s not growth,” stated the rapper speaking to Zkhiphani on an exclusive interview.

This deal will see Cassper Nyovest dominate the global market and not only in the country.


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