Yummy: AKA’s Cruz Watermelon vodka has never been advertised the way The Royal Zinzi advertised it 93

When it comes to brands, everything the brand does is very pivotal in the success of the brand and most if not all controversies about the brand usually leads to people talking about the brand and when people talk about the said brand, people buys the brand and the company and/or person behind the brand laughs all the way to the bank and the cycle continues all over again.

In this era of social media and people loving what they see as opposed to what they are told by the word of mouth, there has never been a perfect advertisement modern South Africa has ever seen than the photo advertisement that The Royal Zinzi did for AKA’s very own brand of Cruz Watermelon vodka.

I am sure after the photos that The Royal Zinzi took thanks to Vincent Monama, Cruz Watermelon’s sales are bound to go over the roof since it resonates quite well with the youth and the middle aged people who loves and enjoys great things.

Taking to social media, The Royal Zinzi real name Zinzile Sibanyoni took some professionally taken photos to advertise the supa mega brand, AKA’s Watermelon Cruz Vodka and we can’t help but love it especially the creativity behind it.


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I just want to go out and buy thousand bottles of AKA’s Cruz Watermelon Vodka and celebrate the entire month till Christmas where I will then go out and buy some more to celebrate till January next year.

I can’t lie, am impressed by the creativity pulled by The Royal Zinzi and Vincent Monama on this sumptuous photo shoot.

Check out the stunning photos of The Royal Zinzi advertising AKA’s Cruz Watermelon Vodka photos for yourself below


Images credits

Model: The Royal Zinzi
Credits: Vincent Monama(@vincent_monama) via Instagram

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