the love that KiD X was shown this past weekend was massive and quenching 80

KiD X recently released one of the best rap album 2018 had to offer called Thank Da King and to spice things up, it is his debut album so you know he had to give the fans what they want and that’s exactly what he did as he released an album with 26 tracks on it, that’s like two albums in one project.

KiD X really had work put on this album and once you get to listen to it, you’d understand why it’s one of the best albums you will ever listen to this year and after this year, it will be a classic project that won’t ever be forgotten ever!

With intension of meeting up with his fans, KiD X went to Westgate Musica and Cresta Shopping Mall Musica for a meet and greet session with his fans and the love that he received whilst he was there was out of this world.


Some fans came from all the way from Soweto just to come and meet & greet with KiD X and have their albums signed, that’s unexplainable love right there.

“….homies travelled all the way from Soweto to get their CD signed. Ended up capturing my entire session and bringing us these dope pics. Talk about grabbing opportunity. Dankie magents.” KiD X posted on Instagram.

The love was so real that one lady came forth to buy his album even though she didn’t know who he was but was pulled in by the positive energy KiD X was emanating.

” This lady had no idea who the f I was, she just gravitated towards the vibes and decided she wants to get involved & buy the album. Totally blew me away. Thank you for your support. Enjoy the music” she said as he shared a her photo with her.

She even met up with a girl who showed him love and had an interesting story to share with him through her mom that touched him, that’s the power of music and what it can do to somebody.

“Met this cool young lady today.  Her story as told by her mom really touched me. Wishing her a speedy recovery. Thank you for supporting.” KiD X shared via Instagram


KiD X has recently shared a snippet of how his meet & greet session was this past weekend and it was absolutely filled with love, nothing short of real, genuine love filled with interactions between fans and their favorite artiste.


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