Nasty C celebrates 7 years anniversary with girlfriend, Sammie Heavens 77

Nasty C is celebrating 7-years anniversary with his cute, beautiful girlfriend Sammie Heavens who loved him when he had nothing, way before he was even famous globally.

Nasty C who is currently not in the country also revealed that he had a crush on his girlfriend when she was 11 years when he was 12 years old.

Taking to social media, Nasty C opened up on how much he loves his girlfriend of 7 years now who was his fan singing his songs before anyone else believed in him. Nasty C is so much thankful to have Sammie Heavens as a girlfriend so much so that he feels as if he owes Sammie Heavens’ mother the world for bringing her into this world just to be with him.

“I owe your mother the world because she created mine ?♥️ I. Love. You. ?”

Nasty C opened up on Instagram about how much he loves Sammie Heavens.

“7 YEARS!!!?????? 7 YEARS!!!???? YOU SH*TTIN ME!!!??!?? ??♥️ Happy Anniversary My woman!!! Thank you for always being there for me & playing your part! Thank you for being the first person EVER to sing my songs back at me I don’t even have to tell you what that’s done for me, you see it everyday & you forever will coz I’ll always be by your side.” Nasty C wrote these sweet words on social media just for his girlfriend who he took her to a vacation in Australia 10 months ago.


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