K.O overcame his fears of snake on set of ‘Supa Dupa’ music video 82

Not most people can blame the businessman, entrepreneur and brand ambassador, K.O over his ophidiophobia(the fear of snakes) that he has been able to overcome recently on set of the music video for his trending hit record ‘Supa Dupa’ that’s already an anthem on the streets and everywhere mentionable.

“Confronted one of my fears with poise, 3 types of constrictors on me at the same time ???” K.O posted via social media as he shared photos of himself with three constrictors.

Boa constrictors are known for strangling tightly on the neck when attacked, the Boa constrictors adults may weigh up to 15 kilograms.

Naturalist Steve Backshall once demonstrated how a constrictor can easily kill you on national television a few years ago after strangling you for some few minutes


The Skhanda god can surely check ophidiophobia off his bucket list since he confronted his fear of snakes by doing it in style with not one or two but three of the biggest snakes(even though tamed) they could find for the music video shoot for ‘Supa Dupa’.

Check out the photos of K.O posing with three constrictors.

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