Jadore Thembi is the beautiful woman you will ever follow on Instagram 77

Jadore Thembi is not only a beautiful woman, she is also a model signed under Feline Management, a mother to a beautiful son, and she’s also a curator but she’d rather you call her a Re-Curator.

She’s from Cape Town, South Africa and she’s all about the positivity in life, she doesn’t condone any negative energy whatsoever.

Being as beautiful as she is, it is almost impossible to believe that Jadore has experienced Cyberbullying in the past and that’s why she felt the need to stand up and speak for herself and for other women, like I said, she’s a positivity magnet that always sees the best in people no matter what.

“After the consistent cyber bullying that I’ve experienced, I have felt an urgent need to stand up for myself and other women who silently bear this load.” Jadore Thembi went on in her post. “It has been a great honour that my confidence inspires some of you. In all honesty, my inspiration and motivation is doing what I do I for the young girls and women who feel erased in the archives of our society. The ones who are not represented by mainstream media. ” she continued in the touching yet emotional post.


“That’s why I deliberately choose to be visible, in an effort to subvert the silencing and erasure that those akin to me have experienced.” she explained why she will always emerge victorious atop of all the negative energy-oriented persons who want to put her down, and that’s something that she won’t ever agree to.

Seeing how positive Jadore Thembi is and how she is fixated in changing how the society looks at women by berating them, she has always been speaking for the young girls who don’t have a voice of their own. You got to love her and her as her beauty is straight from heaven.

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