4 reasons why Cassper Nyovest is a legend in the African music industry 63

Cassper Nyovest has proven more than enough times that he is not only a rap artiste in the music industry but he’s an artiste, period.

You can’t put Cassper Nyovest in a one-genre box, you just can’t even if you had the authority to do just that.

Cassper Nyovest who picked up another moniker, Mufasa on the way of his lucrative and successful career has worked with different artistes from different walks of life adapting to their style of music and in the process making hit records outside of his comfort zone while at it.

The Mufasa has worked with D’Banj, Diamond Platnumz, Davido, and American disk jockey, DJ Drama just to mention a few collaborations once again stressing the fact of how versatile, committed, and prolific he is in the game.


With that being said, here are the four reasons why Cassper Nyovest will always, and forever stay relevant in the African music industry not only the South African music industry, he has actually surpassed that plateau.

immunity to haters/doubters

Cassper Nyovest constantly if not always all the time gets attacked online with haters in whatever and everything he does, be it his personal life or his career, he’s constantly on attack from somebody somewhere in the world.

He even confessed that in the past he was always affected by the negative comments of what people used to say about him but later on he realized that you can’t be loved by everybody, somebody someplace will always have something negative to say about you regardless of what you are doing.

You might be helping out his/her blood brother or sister and he/she will still find fault to hate you.

Cassper Nyovest has since developed a thick skin on dealing with haters, they can say what they want to say about him but at the end of the day, they will go back to their beds and dream about the wonderful life the Mufasa is living that they wished they had while jamming to his music in silence.


What Cassper Nyovest did with his last album dubbed ‘Sweet and Short’ was surreal and not most people expected him to make that move.

He did a complete album in Kwaito and still went platinum in a day, okay, let’s take a break for a minute and think about this, which mainstream rapper can take a risk and do what Cassper Nyovest did and still remain relevant in the competitive rap game? of course Cassper Nyovest.

Let’s agree, that move was unprecedented in the rap game.

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With his last project, Cassper Nyovest proved that he can release hit records in whatever genre he is not comfortable with and make the most out of it by creating hits.

the official cover art for Cassper Nyovest's Kwaito album 'Sweet and Short'. Source: @casspernyovest/Instagram

the official cover art for Cassper Nyovest’s Kwaito album ‘Sweet and Short’. Source: @casspernyovest/Instagram

On a previous interview, he mentioned that he believes that he has already reached his plateau in the South African market and he feels that it’s about time to challenge himself to dominate the music industry out of the country and he wants to be as relevant, dominant and a mega superstar in other countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana as he is in South Africa and knowing how much commitment Cassper Nyovest shows when he sets his mind to do something, am sure he will most certainly achieve this goal.

consistency and prolificness

Cassper Nyovest has always been consistent in the music industry over the years ever since he broke out to the mainstream a couple of years back and his music keeps on getting bigger and bigger by the day as he expands his wings souring on other countries making a huge name for himself in the process.

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As much as he is prolific in the industry today, Cassper Nyovest also puts on new artistes in the music business wanting to nurture true talents and wanting them to win.

He is credited for putting on established artistes like Tshego, Gemini Major, and Nadia Nakai to the mainstream music business which has since made the mentioned artistes become successful in their solo endeavors and ventures.

Cassper Nyovest performing. Source: @casspernyovest/Instagram

Cassper Nyovest performing. Source: @casspernyovest/Instagram

Even though Tshego and Gemini Major left the Family Tree stable, it’s all love between Cassper Nyovest and them because he helped them the way he knew how and they will be forever grateful, he even once said he can’t stop someone from achieving their goal in life, if someone under him wants to explore other challenges in life, he won’t hold them back and that’s one of the many reasons why he is still cordial to this day with both Gemini Major and Tshego.

making history

Cassper Nyovest became not only the first South African rapper to sell out tickets at a stadium, but he also became the first-ever African rapper to achieve that accolade, not just a South African rapper but an African rapper to achieve such fete.

After paving the way and becoming a pioneer for other artistes proving to them and others that hip hop can really sell out arenas, Cassper Nyovest has proven to be a living legend, an icon living among us, most people might not give him his due props about this fact but deep down they know it’s true and that’s what is important at the end of the day.

Cassper Nyovest continued selling out stadiums in the country over the years.

He has filled up the Dome at Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg in 2015, filled up Orlando Stadium in 2016, filled up FNB Stadium in 2017, and also both in Johannesburg and Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban in 2018.

The numerous hitmaker who is respected across the entire African continent has since gone on record calling out Kanye West for jacking his floating stage without giving him his well-deserved credit on his exclusive radio interview at the Breakfast Club in New York which explains how big Cassper Nyovest really is in the rap game and am not talking locally or regionally, am talking internationally.

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If you do your research, you will indeed find this allegation to be true, most people might say that it’s a mere coincidence but whatever the case might be, it’s evident that Cassper Nyovest was the first rap artiste globally to ever perform on a floating stage, period and nobody can take that away from him.

Apart from making history through music, Cassper Nyovest is also making history in the business realm under his Family Tree conglomerate selling his sought after merchandise ranging from his signature bucket hats to tank tops, T-shirts, sweat pants, shorts to socks, Cassper Nyovest indeed has a business mind and that’s why he will forever be relevant in the business world as he will be in the music industry.

Cassper Nyovest wearing his apparel. Source: @casspernyovest/Instagram

Cassper Nyovest wearing his apparel. Source: @casspernyovest/Instagram

Say what you want about Cassper Nyovest, everybody knows that he is the pioneer of rap artistes having their own concerts because he proved it to be achievable, he also pioneered artistes investing outside of music and he also proved that to be achievable as well.

Cassper Nyovest saw the vision of what he intends to be in the future and it is safe to say that he is currently living in that vision today even though he wants to be bigger than what he is now, he wants to also become a billionaire and I don’t see anything stopping him to achieve this, I mean he has billionaire friends already.

In just a few years, we might start referring to Cassper Nyovest as the first-ever South African billionaire rapper, making history again in the African continent.

The headlines in the future might be reading, “meet Cassper Nyovest the first African billionaire rapper today,”.

I like how that sounds because there’s nothing, absolutely nothing stopping Cassper Nyovest in becoming the next African billionaire rapper since he is doing everything right.

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