Emtee cautions Chad Da Don about working with Cruz Afrika 93

Emtee has come forward to advise Chad Da Don against working with his musical arch-enemy, Cruz Afrika.

Emtee and Cruz Afrika are currently not on speaking terms and they haven’t been speaking for a long time, allegedly, especially after Cruz Afrika once did an interview talking about how Emtee is not a loyal person who appreciates where he comes from but more importantly, he’s a member of the Illuminati.

At the time of Cruz Afrika alleging that Emtee was a member of the secret society, that bit of information blew everything else out of the water since, at that time, Emtee was everywhere; he was on our radio, our TVs, and on the lips of every other South African and African who was keen on listening and/watching good quality music.

Emtee never responded to those allegations outright and subtly, the buzz around the speculations died down.


The rapper who is now an independent artiste signed under his own record label being the flagship artiste on it took to Twitter to warn Chad Da Don who he has worked with in numerous projects against working with Cruz Afrika.

According to Emtee, Cruz is bound to betray Chad Da Don’s bond once they get to work together.

Emtee tweeted his sentiments after Chad Da Don shared that he owned his verse that Cruz Afrika sent him to jump on instigating that they have a project together coming out though he didn’t dwell on the matter.

“My verse on the joint you sent me is LEVELS Cruz Afrika,” Don’s tweet read.

“Yow don’t work with that old ass bixch axs nxgga.” Emtee’s response tweet to Chad Da Don read in part.

“This motherfxcker got me arrested was telling people I’m Illuminati. Entlek FXCK HIM. Don’t do it, he’s gonna fxck u over”

Cruz Afrika’s response

Cruz Afrika decided to keep it subtle not throwing shade to Emtee on his response but instead asked Emtee to focus on cashing out and making more music disclosing that he had a phone conversation with him.

Cruz Afrika accuses emtee of being Illuminati, says he sacrificed a friend

“Hey banna Emtee you still her?” Cruz Afrika’s said, rather than focus on cash out & making more music.

“After the call I just had with you, it’s totally up to you, so decide what you want bro, don’t come into my wave cause we both know what happened to SK & I don’t want to go there again, so decide”

Emtee has been cool with Chad Da Don and even released a couple of songs together ever since the ‘Johustleburg’ hitmaker went independent as an artiste.


Whatever it is, there’s hope in the air that Emtee, Chad Da Don, and Cruz Afrika will come to an understanding, especially when it comes to music but it’s only time that will tell and we’ve got nothing but time to see how this will unfold.

Keep it Afro Muziki to see how this all will unfold.

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