“White farmers in South Africa need to give their land back to the people” Sjava opens up to Ebro 70

Sjava Indlaifa who won the BET Award for the BET Viewers Choice ‘Best International Act’ award in Los Angeles a few weeks ago sat down with Ebro on his show in New York at the Hot 97 radio station where he talked about his music, the Shaka Zulu movie that is coming up and even working with Kendrick Lamar.

Sjava talks about how much the people of color have forgotten their heritage and don’t appreciate their culture, not all of them but some of them in the over one hour interview.

Sjava went on to elaborate why he believes the lands that the white farmers in the country need to be given back to the black people.

“… there’s something called history, first things first, I believe the reason why there are even things like Xenophobia, it’s because there’s a lack of that, understanding…even now, black people, the reason why we kill each other is because we don’t know our history fully,


if we knew our history fully, we’d understand that there’s no reason for me to pull out a gun and shoot you.” he said in part sitting down for his interview with Ebro. “but the reason why I’d pull up my gun and shoot you, it’s not even our fault between me and you, it’s something that had to be done to me and you mentally” he added.

Sjava went on to say how there wasn’t any fence in Africa before the white men came to colonize us, “before that, we were one and the only way we could identify ourselves from others was because of the language.” he went on.

“the land belongs to us, there’s no discussion on that” Sjava said firmly

Sjava also talked about working with Kendrick Lamar on his ‘Black Panther’ album and grateful for choosing him. This is the most powerful interview you will ever hear and/or listen to by Sjava.

Watch the full interview below


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