Stream Kwesta’s ‘G.O.D Guluva’ studio album 71

Kwesta has released his highly anticipated studio project and the African hop hop universe cannot keep quiet about it.

Kwesta’s latest studio album ‘g.o.d guluva’ has some of the best compilation of songs that cuts across different genres of music.

The ‘g.o.d guluva’ project has everything for everyone; there are a couple of tracks that cater for lovers, friendship, loyalty, motivation, and straight-up teachings on business with some keen on investing, always asking for that equity without shame.

This studio project is more than a body of work, it’s a teaching book that can be read over and over again without losing its meaning at all.


On the ‘The Bottom’ record, Kwesta motivates the young generation of the importance of investing, doing business, and the most paramount bit being in a position to always ask for equity.

The ‘g.o.d guluva’ album was worth the wait.

Kwesta confessed that the love and positive reactions he received after he released the studio album during the listening party made assured him that the project was beyond him, beyond everything he had imagined it to be, he was really appreciative about that and wrote a lengthy post showing appreciation about the same.

“A listening session? The first thing I said was “I don’t do this sh*t” What I didn’t realize is that it wasn’t necessarily about me. I mean, I’m a result of many human collisions, many deliberate efforts to win and many to see the opposite happen. The acceptance of the fact that Kwesta is not made by just his own efforts fills me with immense gratitude.

A gratitude that begins with those who fcked with my sh*t as a 17 old kid and stretches to those who put themselves 2nd to help make me King.

Those who my relationships with may need a toolbox but we’ve done so much progressive shit that being handymen, even for our own good, is now “beneath” us.

It goes to those I miss and those who can’t fathom the thought of not standing by me.

Those who always come through, those who always plan to, and those who have neglected to. I don’t know too many things but I know Love, I know Hate and I know indifference – What I felt on the 2nd of April was Love. I know because it had been a while…

Thank you to all who made it happen… I owe you LOVE.” he shared on Instagram.

On this project, Kwesta features Yanga Chief, TLT, Makwa, Troublle, K.O, Focalistic, Bassie, Umzulu Phaqa, Reason, KiD X, Thabsie, and Zingah with production coming from Makwa, John Lundun, Gobi Beast, Tshego AMG, Lee Taylor, Inqfive, and Ruff.

Kwesta is very grateful to and for everyone who was involved in making sure that the ‘g.o.d guluva’ studio project got completed.

“I could have never done this without these super-talented people who create the canvas on which we paint. Thank you to everyone one of you” Kwesta poured out his heart thanking everybody who played any role in the ‘g.o.d guluva’.

Here’s the official tracklist of the ‘g.o.d guluva’ studio album.

1. Thandazani featuring Yanga Chief
2. Snakes in the Crib
3. Dula featuring TLT
4. Phuma Sathane
5. Nthabiseng featuring Makwa
6. Fire in the Ghetto featuring Troublle
7. Kubo featuring K.O, Focalistic, Bassie
8. Ma Se Kind featuring Reason, KiD X
9. The Bottom
10. Nobody
11. Hamba Nawe featuring Thabsie
12. Daai Deng featuring Zingah
13. Favorite Song
14. Eyes featruing Umzulu Phaqa
15. Who I Am

Above anything else today, Kwesta’s ‘g.o.d guluva’ is going to be among the top 3 studio albums you’ll have streamed in 2021, that’s a fact.

Stream Kwesta’s ‘g.o.d guluva’ studio album below on your preferred streaming platforms today.

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