Shane Eagle address his situation with AKA for the first time 95

Earlier this year, Shane Eagle had a public social media fallout with AKA which led to AKA tweeting a string of tweets alleging that he made Shane Eagle and for some reason, Shane Eagle went quiet and came back with a reply in a record he put out called ‘Gustavo’ which he confirmed that it was indeed about AKA “”it was directed to anyone, it was addressing someone”. he confirmed on an interview.

You can read about Shane Eagle’s ‘Gustavo’ record here: Shane Eagle attacks AKA in a new diss song ‘Gustavo’ unexpectedly

“…I was just like on Gustavo I had to uhm, like some people go to social media, I got to the music, so in a sense i was just replying to his tweets and what he was talking about.” he said in part, “for me what I want to see is the era of the real thing, like the real life thing, it’s really for you to go online and talk about stuff but let’s see each other and see what it’s really about” he added.

Speaking whether his situation with AKA can be fixed, he answered, ” I feel like everything in life has a way to be fixed you know what I mean, for me it’s just uuhm, with someone who is a real person, I don’t do the whole social media thing, like talk about things online, if you got a problem, you know where am at” he said in part, “so for me as a rap artiste, if you go online and you talk about wu! wu! I did this I made you, I did this and that like, I don’t tweet, I put out records and am replying to exactly what you said, it’s more so like a … song and in the second verse am just saying I guess like maybe when you get to like 30 and some change it becomes difficult” he added.


Shane Eagle doesn’t consider what he has with AKA is beef but rather a situation.


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