Shane Eagle attacks AKA in a new diss song ‘Gustavo’ unexpectedly 61

Shane Eagle exchanged shots with AKA a while back where he called out AKA for not being an independent artiste as the Supa Mega claimed on his tweets.

That brought about series of tweefing between the two established artiste in the hip hop game today but then again, everything went silent between them and we all thought it was all good since they maintained the quiet but boom! out of nowhere, Shane Eagle drops Gustavo and he goes for the jugular of AKA on the record, he goes in like never before and says he will only address the issue about him and AKA this one time only and keep it pushing.

The song is full of subliminal jabs to AKA, so deep it just might hurt you if you read between the lines and understand where he’s coming from.

On the ‘Gustavo’ song, Shane Eagle talks about he has a whole verse throwing jabs at AKA.


…got these rappers on their feelings,
young n*gga doing well
couple trophies on the shelf
n*gga your sh*t wasn’t real
n*gga your bit*h wasn’t real
n*gga that paper won’t last(NEVER)
You think that album gon last
man that shit so trash
am just all up in my bag
only gon talk about this one time then we leave it in the past
move the f*ck up out my way
ain’t you thirty and some change?
no it’s not easy seeing young n*ggaz coming off for your place
you was taking online
then you fell for the bait
now is over for you n*gga
over for you no debate

AKA has not acknowledged the diss track or even address it, time will tell if he will let this slide under the bridge or clap back. If you know AKA as a fan, you know he doesn’t keep quiet when he is poke, I know he will clap back in one way or the other but for now he is busy with the release of the music video for ‘Fela in Versace’ off his last album in the game ‘Touch My Blood’.

Who knows what he will do after he is finished with the ‘Touch My Blood’ project and his tour. Let’s sit back, cop a bag of popcorn and wait to see if AKA will reply.

Listen to the song


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