XXXTentacion told Joyner Lucas something he will never forget before he died 70

Joyner Lucas is in his feelings after he found out that XXXTentacion got shot and died instantly in his own home city of Florida.

Yesterday, Joyner Lucas shared a video of XXXTentacion giving him props when he was video-calling with Dj Akademiks and also shared a very long post explaining how that situation has made him reconsider having a boost of his security and bullet proof his cars.

This xxx shit got me fucked up. Went to sleep at 2am and woke up at 430am. Seeing his lifeless body in the car like that. Smh that image won’t leave. That man was gunned down in his own city. Fucked up part is he ain’t even know he was gonna die that day.

Makes me feel like I gotta bulletproof my cars asap. Almost 99% of these niggas would KILL to be me, I don’t even come around anymore because I don’t trust niggaz & they type of shit I drive will make some niggaz sick to they stomach. I don’t even chill with nobody anymore based off the fear of them knowing too much and possibly plotting on me.


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if I die who gonna protect my son? my son needs me bro. I don’t trust anyone to show him the way and teach him the way and teach him how to be a man the way I will. Nobody will love him and
protect him like me. When I see that image of X slumped over in his car lifeless like that, I can’t help but to think “that could be me” …All Because a nigga wanted what I got. or because somebody said that I said something about them.

Or because a nigga wanted clout or a name. Or because of what I didn’t do for somebody. Or over a female. Or simply because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Smh. This shit got me in my feelings bro.

I haven’t felt this way in a long long time. XXX was a innovator and a genius. The facet he was inspired by me and called me a revolutionary is truly humbling. May your soul rest bro. Thank u so much for being you and taking risks and being conscious self aware being who was searching for knowledge and change. As for me…..I think it’s time to heighten my security. Smh pray for me” Joyner Lucas posted this yesterday with the video below of XXXTentacion also.


Smh RIP @xxxtentacion

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Just a few minutes, however, he shared a screenshot of XXXTentacion telling him that he is way better than 2Pac and don’t care what other people had to say about it


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