Joyner Lucas shares his two cents on the death of Juice Wrld 96

Joyner Lucas is one rapper who is known for speaking his mind out regardless of what other people might say and/or think.

Taking to Twitter, Joyner Lucas –who was once told something that he will never ever forget by the late XXXTentacion– gave his two cents on the sudden death of Juice Wrld who was just 21 years old at the time of his passing.

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Without sugarcoating anything, Joyner Lucas called out everyone who has been glorifying hard drugs and blamed them for teaching their kids all about lean and pills that allegedly killed the Chicago artiste.


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“Juice wrld was 21. He was a product of our generation of rappers who glorified drugs and made it cool. Im blaming Yal nxggaz for this shit. ??‍♂️ all that lean and pills nxggaz glorify and talk about. You teaching the kids to do it. Smh you happy now?Rip  @JuiceWorlddd. Gone too soon” Joyner Lucas tweeted.

Joyner Lucas went on to say how Juice Wrld was depressed and went through a lot which made him use drugs as an outlet since this generation of music glorifies drugs and makes them look cool.

“I never said juice world glorified them. I knew what juice spoke about. Poor kid was depressed and went thru a lot so he used drugs as a outlet. Its this generation of music that glorified drugs and made them cool so kids like him and other kids abuse them. It’s a cycle dude. Smh” he added.

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