Interesting! AKA promises fireworks today on social media if he doesn’t get paid 99

Well I know for sure the Megacy wants the Supa Mega, AKA to vent it out on social media regardless because whenever AKA -just like Kanye West- tweets, people listen whenever and wherever they are, his tweets are such a force that can’t be explained, Live Long Supa Mega and his tweets.

Early on today, AKA took to social media, Twitter and tweeted an interesting tweet ahead of time if he won’t get paid, though he hasn’t explained anything further on the tweet, the world is waiting on the tweets regardless.

Trust me … today is gonna be an interesting day on the socials if I don’t get my money …. brace yourselves. – AKA tweeted.

AKA's promise Tweet

AKA’s promise Tweet


If I was the person owing the Supa Mega, I would do the best to pay him, there’s nobody on his/her good sense would want some smoke from the Supa Mega and mark you the Megacy also isn’t something to play around with.

It’s best the Supa Mega to get paid because the Megacy wants to get to know who is messing up with the Supa Mega’s guala. Since AKA has not addressed the issue anymore up and until now since, the tweet was posted 5 hours ago, it seems everything is A-Okay but if it isn’t, Supa Mega will let us know with series of tweets which I got to admit is something I, personally am looking forward to.

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