AKA prays fans to put their weight on local artistes than international artistes like Rick Ross 61

First and foremost, congratulations are in order to AKA for being an ambassador for Reebok and having his own Cruz watermelon drink deal apart from being an ambassador for the same liquor brand.

The rapper who commands almost a huge fan base in social media firstly closing to 5 million fans in both social media platforms preached the other day about how brands are quick to use international artistes like Rick Ross(who is a brand ambassador for Belaire) to sell brands to an African market and fans are quick to embrace it without knowing that they are thwarting the chances of local and African artistes to have that gig.

“Next time you see Rick Ross trying to sell you beer ON YOUR OWN TV SCREEN IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY instead of one of your own trying to break into this industry or do something for this country and for our culture … CHANGE THAT F****** CHANNEL FAM!!!!!” AKA tweeted “You guys don’t know how much power you possess. You can change everything. Make it uncool and unfashionable for brands who wanna do business in our country to enrich Americans instead of your own artists!” he continued.

The rapper who is a brand for two big companies who is also working for his arguably last album ‘Touch My Blood’ emphasized the need of many brands to wake up and start using African artistes before it’s too late.

AKA holding his Cruz vodka Watermelon signature drink. Source: akaworldwide/Instagram

AKA holding his Cruz vodka Watermelon signature drink. Source: akaworldwide/Instagram

” If REEBOK or CRUZ’s competitors don’t wake up and do the same deals with our artists, they’re gonna fall faaaaaaaaaar behind. Our people want to support US. Give us our due. Give us what we deserve.” he added “That’s why you need to support Cruz and REEBOK. Not JUST because of AKA, but because the product is good first and foremost but secondly because they had the guts to put major cheese behind YOUR OWN.” he went on.

AKA’s Cruz Watermelon vodka signature brand. Source: @akaworldwide/Instagram

AKA’s Cruz Watermelon vodka signature brand. Source: @akaworldwide/Instagram

AKA is known for always not being shy when it comes to his tweets and always speaking what’s on his mind regardless of the repercussions whatsoever. Many might not be happy or agree with most of his tweets but at least they know what he said is the honest truth that most people are afraid to say it out loud openly. Don’t fret, Supa Mega got your back as he has said it all.

Below is the series of tweets he vented about brands supporting their own

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