AKA: I love Kwesta but I am better than him 90

AKA recently opened up with the one and only Anele where he talked about his personal life, his break up with his ex, Bonang Matheba and working on something more important than music because he wouldn’t want to do music forever.

The rapper talked about opening for another if need be where he said that by now he is way beyond that but he can if need be he can only open for one international artiste and that would be Kanye West.

The rapper who is scheduled to go for an Australian tour in March said that he loves Kwesta, his artistic nature and him being a family man and the influence he has with the youth but he believes he is better than him musically per se.

AKA, Supa Mega performing. photo as taken by Blaq Smith

Supa Mega performing. photo as taken by Blaq Smith


The interview was rather telling-it-all with Anele and the interview was rather interesting.

“I am not going to have a record company, the reason why I say I would never have a record company, you are responsible for everything, their ABCs, their everything …I know that because I was an artiste, I don’t want to be responsible for other people as artistes, as music. What I do understand is black and white things like social media and we can grow things, helping artistes with the music that they have to get to the point where they want to be.” AKA said.

Kwesta. photo credit: courtesy

Kwesta. photo credit: courtesy

“I am always going to be big, who is to say that someone won’t be bigger than me. I will always going to be big. What actually irritates me is someone saying that they couldn’t be bigger than me “ AKA added.

The rapper talked about his upcoming album come May called ‘Touch My Blood’ as it represents “feel my music, feel my pain, feel my joy, feel my happiness, feel my sadness, feel my growth, touch my blood” as AKA said about his new album coming up.


Watch the full interview of AKA and Anele below


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