Thabsie: infidelity leaves a woman feeling vulnerable, bare and exposed 79

The super talented vocalist and singer, Thabsie recently released one of the truest records about relationships you will get to listen to this year thus far. She says it all, she bares it all through her lyrics and explains it even more with a well-elaborated music video for her new hit record dubbed ‘iLula’ that is currently on everyone’s playlists.

The petite, goddess living among us, took to social media to share her two cents on the serious matter that usually happens in most relationships, she even acknowledges that there are always a “main” and a “side” in most relationships, this is something that most people don’t come to terms with.

In every situation, there is, most often than not, it’s women who are always on the receiving end when it comes to having their hearts broken and Thabsie made that clear on a rather tell-all post on social media.

the beautiful Thabsie, an excerpt taken from her latest music video dubbed 'iLula'. Source: @thabsie_sa/Instagram

the beautiful Thabsie, an excerpt taken from her latest music video dubbed ‘iLula’. Source: @thabsie_sa/Instagram


“The heart wants what it wants. It wants what it shouldn’t and doesn’t want what it should and in all of these people, often the women, get hurt ? this is not a justification it’s just my view, my revelation… the view I tried to depict in the iLula music video.” Thabsie said in part on her social media post.

Talking about infidelity that hurts both the “main woman” and the “side woman”, Thabsie had this to say;

“There’s something about infidelity that leaves a woman feeling vulnerable, bare and exposed. I know this may sound controversial but this applies to both women in the scenario, the “main” and the “side”. I say this because one thing life has taught me is that love sees no wrong and love sometimes sees no right, it doesn’t give you the choice to decide who you fall in love with.”

There’s no better way Thabsie would have depicted what’s most relationships are today than the way she portrayed on the iLula music video. If you haven’t watched the music video of one of the best songs out yet you ought to stream it below and appreciate both the artistry and the talent behind the record ‘iLula’.


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