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Elaine is a musical genius and she’s only starting out. Let that sink in.

If you haven’t known who Elaine really is by now, you are really missing out and there might be a chance that you might be living under a rock somewhere in the wilderness.

Elaine is one of the –if not the only R&B African voice there is– that can’t be overlooked at all.

Elaine took over a year off to work on one of the phenomenal, powerful R&B EP you will ever listen to and there’s nothing stopping her because she has the passion of doing what she loves which is music and that’s why she did it alone, everything, without any major record label backing.


“Took me over a year to put this project together. I had to start over multiple times, but it’s finally come full circle. I wrote every word from the depths of my heart, and I hope you guys hear it & feel it. S/o to my amazing team too.” Elaine opened up on social media about the 7 tracks ‘Elements’ EP.

Elaine released the ‘Elements’ EP as an independent artiste which has seen her become a music powerhouse overnight and not only in South Africa but globally.

The official front cover art for Elaine's 'Elements' EP which she released independently as an independent artiste. Source: @lainey_mukz/Instagram

The official front cover art for Elaine’s ‘Elements’ EP which she released independently as an independent artiste. Source: @lainey_mukz/Instagram

The ‘Elements’ project has songs that have been featured on international shows like the Joe Budden podcast and Ebro Darden’s radio show just to mention a few. Her music has also been on Metro FM’s Top 40 with a major highlight being that her project made history in South African soil to be the first project released independently by a female artiste to reach the number one spot on the Apple Music Album Charts.

What Elaine has been able to achieve as a solo independent artiste is unprecedented and probably it would take a couple of years before someone else achieves what she has done in a short time having in mind that she released the ‘Elements’ project last September.

Speaking with Bona, Elaine opening up about the ‘Elements’ project being a personal project that she dedicated to herself, she said; “I wanted to prove to myself that I am capable and worthy of following and achieving my dreams. My EP is inspired by the different elements that come with love; both the good and bad. The process of putting it together was long but worth it, taking just over a year to complete. I was careful and intentional in picking the producers that I worked with. I chose them according to their work ethic, values, and sound. I wanted something distinct and warm, with a lot of attitude.”

The 20-year-old Elaine chose only the best record producers on this project according to their work ethic, values and unique sound who would bring forth the distinct, warm and a project with just-about-right attitude and from the success of the project, she made the right choice of picking the producers she worked with on the project.

Elaine worked with only record producers on the ‘Elements’ project; Clxrity and Elizée, that should at least tell us something about these two talented record producers, they sure are talented and gifted in their craft.

Check out the official tracklist of the ‘Elements’ EP as performed by Elaine and released under her label, Elaine Music.

  1. Say It
  2. When We’re Alone
  3. I/You
  4. You’re the One
  5. Changes
  6. I Just Wanna Know
  7. Risky
The official back cover art and tracklist for Elaine's 'Elements' EP which she released independently as an independent artiste. Source: @lainey_mukz/Instagram

The official back cover art and tracklist for Elaine’s ‘Elements’ EP which she released independently as an independent artiste. Source: @lainey_mukz/Instagram


There are no features at all on the debut project ‘Elements’ by Elaine, all records were written and performed by Elaine herself, talk of real talent in the music industry.

Africa is really blessed to have Elaine who is destined to be a G.O.A.T in her time and South Africa is privileged to have been the country that brought forth a musical genius to the world.

There’s no way you could stream the ‘Elements’ EP only once, this is a sure project that it’s bound to be in your playlist once you listen to it for the very first time.

Every song on the project is as unique as the last one and makes you want to listen to the next song even more and have the previous song on repeat.

There’s no doubt that Elaine has really outdone herself on this project and it’s really a blessing to the African music industry to have such a talented R&B artiste in our midst in Elaine who will help take the African music sound to greater heights and unprecedented pedestals we as African are yet to achieve.

Stream Elaine’s ‘Elements’ EP below on your favorite streaming service/s below.

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