Reason is chart-topping with Azania, here’s what he has to say about it 81

Reason recently released his most anticipated album that has been well received by the general public not only in the country but also across the globe and Africa especially where his music is well appreciated because of his diversity and speaking about some things that not most rappers are talking about in the game.

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If you haven’t listened to the album, you need to have a listen to it, it is clearly something out of the box, nothing like the most rap albums are and it is diverse and it cuts both ways, just like a sword and the best part of it all, is that both male and female fans can listen to it and resonate with it.

Reason took time to share how he feels seeing his album being the second most streamed album on iTunes in the country saying that he never expected the fans to resonate with him since he is not talking what most rappers today are talking about.


“At some point in my career i started to think i was crazy for thinking anyone would still care about what i have to say. Especially when talking about half the things #Azania addresses. This wasn’t because i thought I wasn’t good enough, but rather, because i wasn’t saying or thinking of what everybody else was.” he said in part on his rather elaborate Instagram post.

Reason had a legit reason why he thought his album wouldn’t be well received because as it is now, there is practically a blueprint of how rap album are getting released and he was going against the tide, “Basically, Being different is scary. And more so, risky. Cause once people are used to one thing, you will start questioning if they’ll like something different.” he said.

Reason went further to explain how he consoled himself when someone sent him a screenshot of his album ‘Azania’ already on the top 3 spots on iTunes. “Someone sent me this screen shot and the first thing I asked myself was… “how the hell did I think I’d ever achieve this talking about the same things other people have ALREADY addressed and even pioneered?”.

Reason went on to thank his fans and even went further to quote what his friend and hip hop connoisseur Slikour said ;

As Slikour put it, “God is the result of faith and belief turning into results”. Now Think about it… why would you need to have faith and belief in something that already exits? Then you’re just running on hope. But Being in your own head and making that come to life, is God. It’s like giving birth. YOU are the creator of what’s inside you. Having it come to life the way you imagined it would when u first realized it was inside you… is God.

Therefore, thank you to everyone BUYING and ENJOYING the album. YOU validated the God in me. I needed that. Many people out there who think differently needed that.

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