Priddy Ugly shares the cute photo of his parents who have been married for 28 years 67

Priddy Ugly is one rapper who usually keeps it real on his rap verses and sometimes makes you think and scratch your head just trying to fathom how deep his rap lyrics really are, now that’s talent.

Priddy Ugly is rap’s talent like no other, he has a unique fashion taste like no other rapper, his sneaker game is unexplainably exquisite and he is also big on family as we all should and nothing is more important to him than family.

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The rapper who is signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment likes to talk about where he came from without any shadow of regrets whatsoever because it’s a learning process, he even once talked about how his father has always been a pillar of his life ever since he was a little kid but he has never before shared a photo of his adorable parents together who are in love more than ever even after being married for 28 years.

Priddy Ugly's parents that have been married for 28 years and counting. Source: @priddy_ugly/Instagram
Priddy Ugly’s parents have been married for 28 years and still counting, this is what we love to call TRUE love. Source: @priddy_ugly/Instagram

Priddy took to social media to proudly let the whole world know how blessed he is to have such loving and understanding parents that he loves with everything he’s got.

I got to say, his parents really look young and vibrant than ever and they both have an awesome fashion taste just like their superstar son. Clearly Priddy Ugly is blessed to have such beautiful parents who loves him as much as he adore them.

“MY parents. 28 years of marriage &counting. The Moloi’s ???”he captioned on Instagram.

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