Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle welcomes their daughter to the world 73

Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle together have been serving couple goals for years way before it was cool and celebrated on social media, they have been together for a decade and together they have built each other to become pillars for one another, becoming successful in the entertainment scene together.

Now that’s goals, couple goals indeed.

Earlier on this year, Bontle Modiselle mentioned that she was expecting their first child together to a supportive fan base across the globe who are forever rooting for the cute, rather perfect couple who seems like they have everything figured out.

The news of Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle was well received not only from their fans but also from their fellow rappers and celebrities at large which makes the announcement of their beautiful, bouncing baby girl on social media even more special.


The powerful Rick Jade recently exchanged vows and documented their traditional wedding on a record dubbed ‘Sweetie Lavo’ finally introduced their beautiful, adorable daughter to the world.

The South African power couple are the happiest couple in town as they celebrate the addition of an adorable new member to the family.

Check out the beautiful photos of the beautiful baby girl that the multi talented couple; Bontle Modiselle and Priddy Ugly alias Rick Jade brought forth to the world below.


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