Noisy Panda announces First Music NFT release from Bi-Lingual Artist, McGyver 0

Noisy Panda World (NPW) is taking the NFT and hip-hop music game to a whole new level.

As a disruptive digital platform that promotes and supports artists, NPW will be teaming up with McGyver to launch a series of music NFTs for his new single 89’, produced by the legendary Pete Rock.

This partnership and NFT introduction is in response to a challenge facing the Music and Technology Industries today.

“89’” is McGyver’s rap single in Dutch and English produced by Pete Rock, a legendary music artist, DJ, and producer who has been in the experimental Hip-Hop game since 1987.


It is being released on McGyver’s birthday, celebrating a milestone not only in his life and career but also in music history. With the help of the HeyLayer NFT Marketplace, Noisy Panda and McGyver are birthing a unique way of acquiring NFTs, enjoying music, and navigating the decentralized space.

McGyver is a bilingual lyrical force to be reckoned with and is internationally known for placing 5th at the World Freestyle Championships EOW Prague in 2017.

The first-ever winner of the End of The Weak Freestyle championship of the Netherlands. Before that, he toured with the Collective Classic, a classical orchestra with 6 MCs, and performed for the King and Queen of the Netherlands during their inaugural tour of China in 2013.

“The message behind the single is all about energy. Keep transcending. Doesn’t matter what your dreams are, you can transcend everything! You need to keep it real and go and execute, make it real,” A poignant message by McGyver about his upcoming Music NFT release, who has had to face many closed doors but has never quit.

Music moves generations and is doing so again, aided by technology, bringing new methodologies and benefits so that expressions can be heard. Over the past 10-15 years the streaming and social media revolution has enabled artists to define their own digital identity and access a worldwide audience that was previously not available to them without the backing of major labels.

NFTs provide a new and unique way of driving this revolution further forward. Artists of all types now have a new income stream that can be derived by utilizing current and future art. Fans now have a new way to both support and enjoy their favorite artists, whilst engaging more closely with them via their NFT offerings, a win for everyone.

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