Nicole Nyaba is one of Africa’s sexiest beauties, don’t let anyone tell you different 69

Nicole Nyaba is not your typical girl, she’s a model, a muse, an artiste, entrepreneur and one beautiful woman not only representing South Africa but the entire African region.

She keeps on getting beautiful as each year goes by, she doesn’t seem to age at all, she looks way younger than she used to look back in 2017.

The bold, beautiful and multi-talented goddess of a human being has had artistes, especially rappers sing and rap about her and still maintained to be humble, calm and collected not letting the fame get into her head.

If there’s one woman who will forever be an icon in South Africa just from her beauty and accomplishments in the South African entertainment industry, it is most certainly Nicole Nyaba.


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Looks like she has an elixir of not getting old one bit, or maybe it’s genetics but all the same, she’s one thing alright, a living South African goddess and we are here for it.

Check out how beautiful, the melanin goddess looks like.


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Courtesy of Instagram via @nicolenyabaofficial

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